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Show & Tell: Furry feline co-workers edition

Natl Cat Day 2020.png



We are celebrating our feline WFH co-workers today, and to start things off we hope you check out our blog post about The Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter & Sanctuary.


To continue the celebration, we are launching a new series that will be a monthly feature here on the community; Show & Tell.  The theme will change each month, but just like in school, it is a way of showing the things we care about and telling the stories behind them.   This month, since I always love stories about how pets come into people's lives, I decided to ask around, and learn more about the cats of Intuit.    These are their stories.  


The Story of Otis


IMG_4884.JPG From Shelby: 


I found him as a 2-week old kitten that had been abandoned by his mother, along with the rest of his littermates. After finding good homes for all the other kittens, Otis came home with me. I bottle fed him by hand and kept him on a heating pad in my bathroom as he was so small.

IMG_2861.jpg Now he is 3 years old, healthy as ever, and full of sass!






These days he's an outdoor cat that enjoys all the fun that climbing trees and playing with the neighbors' cat can bring.




[Editor's note: Otis is also the adorable kitty in the banner at the top of this post.]




This is Mana

Image from iOS (7).jpg


From Ami: 

I adopted her as a feral kitten from Austin Pets Alive in Austin, TX when she was only 6 months old.


She just turned 10 this year which means she's been by my side through thick, thin, and most recently a cross-country move to Idaho. She's the best fur-friend a gal could ask for.







Waiting for Winston


Winston2.png From Torrey:

I didn’t grow up having pets, but I knew when I was on my own I wanted to get a little grey kitten. My mom had little grey cats growing up and I’ve always wanted one. When it came time for me to look for a kitty, I knew I needed to go to the local shelters. I spent months looking for my cat. I would just go to look, or I would play with some, but I never got the feeling that any of them were my cat.


I went back to a local pet shelter and walked into the room where they had the kittens, so many kittens, and when I got to Winston’s cage, I got this feeling that if I didn’t take him home right then, I would cry. I knew he was mine! And he’s been the best little guy since! He loves to cuddle at night and watch the birds in the window while I work. He never sleeps in any cat bed I buy him (no matter how fluffy!) he’d prefer a piece of paper to sit on. Cats. I’m now on the hunt to find him a little brother.




This is my Olive Kiki Girl


Image from iOS (55).jpg From Sherissa:

She was born on May 4th and will be turning 4 this coming May. She was a feral kitten and she came to us because I found her by herself.  She is quite the character and loves to play with her laser beam and cuddle with her mamma in the wee hours of the morning. Her passion though is meowing until someone feeds her, napping, and squirrel watching.



Image from iOS (6).jpg

















The story of Starbuck Nene Panini


Nene.jpg From Corey: 

The shelter named her ‘Becky’ but she’s Starbuck Nene Panini to me. The minute I saw her in the shelter, I fell in love & could tell she’d been waiting for me to arrive. We communicated just by looking at each other. Without missing a beat, I asked if I could adopt her immediately. A loving volunteer gave us a little time together to see if it was a fit. “Becky” walked right to me, and crawled into my lap as if we’d lived together all our lives. She licked my hand as I started to pet her, and I felt like I’d found my missing piece. The volunteer explained she suffers from a few ailments and requires daily medication, regular veterinarian visits, and a special diet. This didn’t deter me in any way.  My life’s mission from that moment on was to give her a happy life, and to honor the incredible volunteers who saved her from harm. Bringing her home was a natural decision, I knew it was right.


Within a day, I named her Starbuck, which quickly turned into a combination of Starbuck and “Nene Panini.” Giving her medication is easy, and, as it turned out, she’s also mute - she has an issue with her vocal cords and is unable to meow! I interpret her whispers and understand her body language and let’s just say, she’s well fed. Starbuck Nene Panini is the most affectionate kitty I’ve ever had and fills me with pure unconditional love every day. There is no doubt, we saved each other.


"Cats leave paw prints in your heart, forever and always.

~ Unknown


Now it's your turn, show us your kitty co-workers and tell us their story, we just can't get enough of these cuddly, loveable cats!


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