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Tips for how to shine at local fairs or farmers markets

Hello Community friends, and welcome back to the Business Discussion board. One of my most favorite things to do is go to vendor craft fairs. There’s a huge one in my hometown every year and it’s not fall until I’ve been! I’ve never been as a vendor before, just a customer, snacker, and people watcher. However, if one were to attend an event of these sorts to sell, here are a few things to avoid…

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1. Being unprepared
Nothing is set up on time, you forgot part of your display and bags, and you didn't bring enough items to restock! Que the "Oh No!" song. A simple way to avoid this is to make a list of every little thing you'll need and check them off one by one as you put them in your car before you head out. It's better to bring it and not need it, than to not bring it and need it.


2. Being unfriendly
I'm sure it can be more than nerve wracking presenting your work for others to look over and ultimately judge. You may even be a little shy, but if you come off as completely unfriendly, people will unfortunately pass up your booth. You don't have to have a full conversation with everyone, but at least make it a point to say hello to each person that stops by.


3. Nothing stands out
A bland stand isn't going to bring potential customers your way. Make sure you put the extra touch to invite and welcome people to visit your booth. This can be done with a large banner, a pop of color with a vase of flowers, and crisp fresh linens on your tables.


4. Too much or not enough
This one is pretty standard. Having too much displayed can be overwhelming, and not having enough can be a little boring.


5. No business cards
You'll want your visitors to be able to find you later on. A detailed business card serves as this reminder as well as how to get in touch with you. Make sure you have plenty to go around!


6. Can’t find prices
Having your prices clearly labeled actually helps increase sales because if there isn't a price, folks usually won't ask and move on to a different vendor.


7. No change
I can't imagine much worse than fumbling around looking for change when someone has made a cash purchase. They aren't going to want to pay extra without getting extra, so no change is a guaranteed no sale.


8. No variety in pricing
This is a good one. Variety in pricing offers something for everyone. Craft fair goers are likely to spend $10 at three different booths, rather then $30 once at one booth.


9.  No sale or freebie items
Having a clearance section is a great way to move older inventory. Even if it's marked down a dollar or 10% off, people will head that way because it's on sale. Additionally free items are always eye catchers. How about a door prize?


If you have an upcoming craft event I hope you'll remember these pointers and I also hope you completely sell out! What are your tips and tricks for pop ups and vendor fairs? We'd love to hear from you - the experts! Take care everyone!

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