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Try This: The Morning Ritual



We'll let you in on a little secret. About six months ago, we defined a Main Goal and started using The Morning Ritual to hit our Target Number. It's been strangely effective. 


Apparently, there is an intergalactic force that is available to anyone who spends 30 minutes every morning writing down one's ten most important goals in the present tense, adding a target date to each of them. 


The Magic is in Writing Down Your Goals


Write down a list of 10 goals you'd like to accomplish in the near future. Write them in the present tense with a general target date. Start with your Main Goal at the top. Then add other specific, supporting goals in the same format. Supporting goals are best as a mix of business, financial goals, family/relationship and health targets.  


Yep. That's it. No magic.


For some reason, this technique seems to attract the people, opportunities, ideas and resources to you that help you achieve your goals faster. 


Turns out legitimate philosophers and sketchy motivational speakers both have it right. It seems wherever your attention goes, your life goes as well. Go figure. 


What is *Your* Morning Ritual?

We have created a cheat sheet for you below. Download it today! And let us know how *you're* using the Morning Ritual. Is it supporting your Main Goal and Target Number?  


Community Champion

Try This: The Morning Ritual

I like to wake up before my kids wake up and read the Bible, pray, and read a business book. I like to spend some time doing sit ups and push up and stretching. I also always have coffee. There is something special about this "me" time. I also try to not check email on the phone until after this routine. I find that more often that not that email from overnight is really just an newsletter subscription or something that can truly wait. 

Level 6

Try This: The Morning Ritual

My ritual is to get up early and get a little quiet time before the rest of the house and day begins. It sets my intentions and attitudes for the day.

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