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Using WhatsApp Business to Enhance Customer Service Experiences

"Friday increases happiness all around the world by 11%". Whoever came up with this statistic is a genius because I'm definitely contributing to that. Happy Friday, and welcome back to our Discussion Board. Today, I found a gem by Entrepreneur that I believe can increase your online customer service experience. 


Are you familiar with the app called WhatsApp? WhatsApp is a free messaging application that lets you send messages, images, voice notes, and videos to friends and family. Personally, I have been using this app for more than eight years to communicate with my family all over the world and even some customers. A few weeks ago, I mentioned how to use Facebook Messaging features to connect, communicate the latest updates and news, and respond to customers in a timely manner. Now, we will explore four ways to use WhatsApp Business. 


Get Professional:
With all-new apps, you have to create a profile. Use this to add relevant company details such as your business name, address, hours of operation, a link to your website, the type of business you operate, and so on. This will draw customers when they see a professional, well-informed, and trusting business profile to interact with.


Showcase What You Have:
The Catalog feature allows you to have a virtual storefront where you can display your goods and services. Customers then can window-shop and find products they may want to purchase. Here is where potential consumers would directly engage in conversation if they need more information rather than searching through other websites.


Quick Response:
I would say this is a crucial part of customer service. Customers love fast and accurate responses. I will be honest if it takes a long time for someone to respond, I will lose interest and find another means. This is why we need to keep clients interested. You can use the Messaging tools to address frequently asked questions and save time. If you are unavailable or in "away" mode, this can notify the customer when to expect an answer.


The Labels feature provides the ability to categorize and sort your customer conversations. You can organize the sections to have new customers' labels or pending orders and so forth to make it easy to locate chat messages.


Do you see this benefiting your business? Let us know below what your thoughts are? And as always, continue to be safe and enjoy your weekend. 

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