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Vendor Bills to Customer Invoice

We have an agreement with a few of our vendors that they will get paid by us, when we get paid by our customer.  Ex:  I get a bill from ABC Company for $2500.00.  I enter the bill and mark it billable to my customer, Jane Doe.  When I create the invoice to Jane Doe, I "Add Time and costs" and my bill for $2500 is showing.  I choose that bill and it is added to the invoice.  I mark up the cost and send it to Jane.  30 Days later,  Jane pays her invoice.  Is there a way I can track that bill as being paid by the customer or at least track that bill reference number to see what customer invoice it was attached to without opening every invoice billed to Jane Doe to find it?

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Re: Vendor Bills to Customer Invoice

There is nothing in QB that will do that

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Re: Vendor Bills to Customer Invoice



Good morning, I hope all is well. I just posted a new product offering from my company Resolve that would be a great solution for your above finance flow.


Resolve is a B2B payment solution that was founded by Max Levchin, who was the co-founder of PayPal. Our new Advance Pay product is targeted at small business and allows you to access quick and easy working capital per invoice, so you can pay your suppliers right away.


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