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Warehouse Management Solution

I'm interested in learning more about Warehouse Management Systems that integrate with QB Desktop Enterprise. We are looking for more depth than what QB is offering in terms of reporting, inventory item adjustments (very difficult to mass adjust items in QB), inventory management, order processing, sales order process, shipping, etc. We've hit a lot of walls with QB Enterprise and I don't see any light on the horizon.


  • We can't mass edit pricing on items in QB. You have to export the entire item file at one time but I only want to edit pricing of one brand.
  • I'd like to import orders automatically, ship orders automatically, etc.
  • You can only limit permissions in some areas. I'd like more flexibility with areas, pricing.
  • You can't set limits on how low a product can be sold. Any user can edit pricing.
  • I'd like to be able to easily generate estimates without leaving them open forever. 
  • Reporting is weak in QB


I've looked at Fishbowl but I've seen positive and negative aspects/reviews. We are currently using Handifox for shipping purposes and some light inventory management.

What do you suggest?
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Re: Warehouse Management Solution

I have been recommended to try SOS Inventory, an inventory app that are compatible with QBO.  I decided not to use it for the time being, since my situation was a lot small SKU and much simpler operation than what SOS is ready for.  You may find it more useful trying this system.  People are very receptive in answering questions there.  They have some free trial period.

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Re: Warehouse Management Solution

Hi there,  


Have you checked out Katana on the QuickBooks app store? It’s a Smart Workshop Software solution built by manufacturers, for manufacturers.  


It can help you:  

  • Track finished goods & material availability; 
  • Store your bill of materials;  
  • Get priority-based production planning; 
  • Manage your multichannel sales support; 
  • Get manufacturing floor-level control; and 
  • Get automatic manufacturing cost calculations. 


To be honest, it’s primarily been designed to integrate with a QuickBooks Online account (with the capability of synchronizing your inventory levels across your accounts), however, you can use it behind your QuickBooks Desktop account, generate bills/invoices and push them over to your QB account.   

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