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You Said It! QB Community Members on the Shifting Business Landscape



All through the month of May we've been focusing on the many ways that recent technological advances have changed the way we do business. Here's what QB Community members had to say on the subject!


Social Media Has Changed the Business Conversation

"The days where a brand could craft its message and send it out to the world as being carved in stone are over. [Thanks to social media], the brand at best can state its position and communicate it, now becomes shared with the world -- consumers, prospects, customers -- and they can do with the brand what they wish, to a large extent. The brand is no longer this stoic monolith that stands unchallenged, but rather is an equal voice in a digitally-connected ecosystem and community, no more powerful than any other voice."@TheDotConnector


Everything Is "Instagrammable"

"Being a product-based business means I have to think about every aspect of my product, from the container it is housed in, the labels and the printing on the labels, the ingredients, and my shipping packaging. Everything is Instagrammable and consumers love pretty things, but they are also demanding that we be kinder to the environment, and transparent about ingredients and sourcing."


I'm already finding that people want to be a part of your story, they want to connect, and they want to engage. Instagram is a great platform for that. I have also seen unhappy customers use this as their place to air grievances, but on the flipside, it gives businesses an opportunity to rectify a bad situation quickly."@cruberti


New Programs and Technologies Cut Costs by...

...Saving on Time

"I do love TSheets! Set a client up with it yesterday. Once her employees comply, we might have an advantage, and save lots of time and hunting for documents."@LeahIlanah



"I've worked in the training industry for the past 10+ years. In the old days, it would be a lot of effort to book a class and then all the students who show up at a scheduled time. The trend now, in the modern business economy, is for a student to pay for the training which he can usually get in a short time. In just a few hours, a prospective student can search online for a tutor and have an on-demand training session over a webcam/screenshare platform. It is crazy how fast you can connect with a tutor who is a subject matter expert." ~ @SteveChase


...and Labor

"Technology has given us access to Artificial Intelligence that can answer phone calls, and complete customer orders using a chat interface.  There are thousands of different things you can do with it, when you know what you have to work with."@activemode



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QB Community members, have you experienced any small business shift in operations in these modern times?  How are you navigating these changes?


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