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1099-NEC - Mapping, Accountant's Copies, and Filing


Do we have to run a backup to create 1099s?

If working in an accountants copy (like we do for 30+ clients), creating a backup would not allow us to send our 1099 mapping changes to our clients. What is the workaround for this? 

Do we have to have the Admin login credentials to run the Tax1099 program this year? 

I have tried several times, for an in house client, to submit the 1099s, but every time it points me to download the Plugin for Tax1099, which I have confirmed has now been downloaded 4 times. Why is this process so much more complicated than last year? What is the work around for issues when the plugin does not work properly. 

Please note: I HAVE UPDATED ALL FILES I am working in - latest releases and payroll updates, so that is not the issue. In addition, I am logging in as Admin for my in house clients and it still isn't working. 

Frustrated and have wasted hours of time trying to read all the forums and tutorials. Perhaps you could suggest to Tax1099 that they update their resources as they all point to tax year 2019 resources. 

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1099-NEC - Mapping, Accountant's Copies, and Filing

Hello there, kathyhettick.


I appreciate you for letting me know in advance that you already have the latest releases and payroll updates in QuickBooks Desktop.


You can correct your 1099-NEC or 1099-MISC in Tax1099. For instructions on correcting your 1099s, refer to this Tax 1099 article, Different types of 1099 corrections after forms have been submitted. Once done, you can send your 1099 to your clients by logging in as administrator.



Please let me know if yo have follow-up concerns. I'm right here to help you figure them out. Take care and stay safe.

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1099-NEC - Mapping, Accountant's Copies, and Filing

I don't think this addressed any of my questions or concerns - I don't need to do corrected 1099s, I need to do 1099s for the 2020 tax year - please see my previous questions and respond.


QuickBooks Team

1099-NEC - Mapping, Accountant's Copies, and Filing

Hi there, kathyhettick.


Thank you for coming back to clarify things out. I also appreciate you for sharing all the steps you've done to resolve the issue. This isn't the kind of experience I want you to feel while doing 1099s for the 2020 tax year. I can see how essential this task would be when running your business.


I suggest contacting our QuickBooks Support Team. They have the tools to pull up and check your account to investigate the cause of why you're unable to process or send 1099.


Here's how to contact them:


  1. Press F1 to open the Help window.
  2. From the search icon, type Contact Support.
  3. Click Contact us at the bottom part.
  4. Give a brief description of your issue about 1099 and click the Search button.
  5. You'll be routed with How to connect with a QuickBooks expert and you choose which one is best for you.


Please refer to this article to see different information on how filing your federal 1099s with QuickBooks Desktop works: Create and file 1099s with QuickBooks Desktop.


Please know that you're always welcome to post if you have any other concerns. Wishing you and your business continued success.

Level 2

1099-NEC - Mapping, Accountant's Copies, and Filing

Absolutely not, but @valprice1 was much more helpful than QB support. 

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