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I printed 1099's and 1096 then found out I had missed two vendors who must get 1099's. I can not go back and add to list or print and will also need a new 1096. I mailed out the 1099's but have not sent the 1096 to IRS.  Help! Please!

QuickBooks Team

Re: 1099's

Greetings, kfazzone.  

It’s great to have you in the QuickBooks Community. I’d be glad to assist you in reprinting the complete list of 1099s.

Before doing so, make sure all corrections have been entered into your company file and the missing vendors now appear in your 1099 lists. Once done, let’s begin the process of printing the forms.


Here’s how:

  1. Go to Vendors at the top menu bar, select Print/E-file 1099s and choose 1099 Wizard.
  2. Select Get Started.
  3. In the Select your 1099 vendors window, check off the vendors who: 

    •    Needs a corrected 1099.
    •    Was missed in earlier 1099 printing.


  4. In the Verify your vendors' information window, make sure the data is correct and choose Continue.
  5. Check that payment accounts are mapped correctly and choose Continue.
  6. Review payments, then Continue.
  7. Confirm the 1099 entries and select Continue.
  8. In the Choose a filing method, choose Print 1099s.
  9. Check the printer settings, then select Print.
  10. On each copy of the printed form, write an X in the Corrected box at the top of the form.

For more information, feel free to read this article: Print 1099-Misc forms in QuickBooks Desktop.


After following the resolution, you're now ready to mail the forms to the appropriate vendors and submit the 1096 to the IRS.


If you need help with any of the steps, reach out to me. I'll be ready to assist you further. Have a great day ahead.

Experienced Member

Re: 1099's

I am also having problems, I am missing one 1099 and only want to print up one (that was missing) and not redo all of them. Can we just print up one?? and send another 1096 with just that one that was missing?

QuickBooks Team

Re: 1099's

There's an option to select which 1099 you want to print, AllBB.


You can go through the same steps and only choose one contractor in the 1099 Wizard. Here's how:


  1. Open the 1099 Wizard.
  2. Select the contractor in the Select your 1099 vendors window.
  3. Click Continue and enter all other details.
  4. Click Print 1099s, then select Print 1099 again.

However, the Form 1096 will only show the amount from the missing 1099 and will not include the rest of the 1099s. You can purchase or download a Form 1096 from the IRS website, then manually enter the correct amounts before sending it to them.


You can call them at 800.829.3676. or visit this link:


Drop another comment below should you have other questions.