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How can I enter or fill out a 1099 form for someone that helps me in my business as a sales representative I pay him with checks.  I do  have the payment transactions recorded in QB as they show up on my bank statements and recently finished reconciling. I'm not sure which is the correct one to use in QB - Vendors > Print/E-File 1099  >  ??? 

I do not have payroll but it is something I'm planning to do this year.

Thank you!

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Hi there, Eve2019,


It's nice to see you today. I can help you file your 1099 report in QuickBooks Desktop.


Before you get started, you must make sure you have paid that independent worker or business $600 or more within the year, and is set up as eligible for 1099 filing in QuickBooks. Here's how to check that:


1. Go to the Vendors tab.

2. Choose the Vendor Center.

3. Double-click the vendor name.

4. Go to the Tax Settings menu.

5. Mark the Vendor eligible for 1099 checkbox.


Once done, you can now process your 1099's. Let me walk you through the steps:


1. Go to the Vendors menu.

2. Choose Print/E-file 1099s.

3. Select 1099 Wizard.

4. Click Get Started.


That should get you on the right direction. You can check this article for the complete screenshots of the process: QuickBooks 1099 Wizard


Please feel free to mention me anytime if you need further assistance. Have a good day!

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Thank you Jen_D

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You are very much welcome, Eve2019,


I appreciate your time visiting us today. Please know that you are always welcome to post here anytime now that you're part of the Community.


Do let me know if you have any questions. I'll be happy to help. All the best!

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