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2018 NYS-45 form

I consistently have problems creating the NYS-45 Quarterly Combined Withholding, Wage Reporting, And Unemployment Insurance.  It will only bring up the NY-45, NY-45 ATT,.  In my QB it is listed as the NYS-45 combined quarterly, however period is listed as "any".  In the past it seems that every other time it is the correct form, however I always have to enter the correct period.  This is very frustrating.  Has anyone experienced this and/or have the solution.  I have the latest payroll update, however the form is still not coming up correct for 4th qtr of 2018.

QuickBooks Team

Re: 2018 NYS-45 form

Hi there, Marcia61.


I would probably felt the same if I can get past the error every time I need to print a tax form. 


For QuickBoosk to check the box for the 4th Quarter, use the dates 1/1/2018 to 12/31/2018 when opening the NYS-45 Form. It will automatically populate the amounts from the last quarter of 2018 and will remove the error as well.   


Leave a comment below if you need anything else. I'll get back here to make sure everything is good to go.


nys 45.PNG

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Re: 2018 NYS-45 form

No it didn't solve my problem as QuickBooks has labeled the NY-45 form as the combined withholding, however provides the NY-45 ATT and not the combined report for Unemployment.

It also list the report with a tax period of any and not quarterly which would solve the date issue.  If you perhaps have further information on this issue please let me know.

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Re: 2018 NYS-45 form

In QB is labeled as NY-45 and NY-45 ATT Quarterly Combined Wage Reporting and Unemployment Insurance Return, however does not bring up that form only the NY-45, NY-45ATT not the Combined Reporting  It is also listed as tax period "any" therefore the need for dates verses a "quarterly" report.  I am using QB Pro 2017 not sure if that makes a difference.  All payroll updates have been installed.  Just frustrating as this has happened in the past where it is not pulling up the correct form.  Not sure when the period got changed from Quarterly to "any" but that would solve the date issue.  I can deal with that if I could only get the correct form.

QuickBooks Team

Re: 2018 NYS-45 form

Hello there, Marcia61.


Thanks for getting back and providing more details of your concern. Allow me to take over and help you with creating your NYS-45 Quarterly Combined Withholding.


When filing for NYS-45 for the 4th quarter or last return, you will be filing for the calendar year to send the correct information to the agency. Therefore, you'll need to use date for the entire year when pulling up the form.


Here's an article to learn more about the New York Payroll Tax Compliance.


In case you need assistance in doing this, feel free to reach out to our Payroll Support Specialist. Here's how you can get in touch with them:

  1. Go to this link
  2. Click Payroll.
  3. Click View Contact Info.

I'm just a comment away if you have additional questions while working with your tax forms. It's always my pleasure to help you.

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Re: 2018 NYS-45 form

I am also having the same problem. When I do manage to figure out how to send the NYS-45, even for quarters 1,2,3 - NY State doesn't seem to recognize the payment. I get the email confirmation from QB, I see the money leaving my checking account but NYS sends me bills for the amount and then a court document serving me with a warrant !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This doesn't seem to happen when I submitted the NYS-1 by mistake. That payment they take, no problem. There is glitch in the system.

QuickBooks Team

Re: 2018 NYS-45 form

Hi there, @DrDom.


Thank you for joining the thread and letting us know the status of your payment. I'm here to help guide you to the right support who can help you with checking your account securely.


Since the Community is a public place that everyone can access and search, I don't want your information displayed here for the security of your account. It would be best if you can get in touch with our Payroll Support Team to check and investigate this further for you. Our support has the ability to pull up your account via a secured remote access.


For the support's contact information, you can refer on the steps provided by my colleague Charies_M.


Let me know if you have any other payroll questions, I'm always here to help you. Have a good day ahead!

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Re: 2018 NYS-45 form

Having problems with NY State payroll forms and payments. Quickbooks Pro 2017 desktop submits the NYS-45 and the unemployment taxes but does NOT submit payment for withholding taxes. I have one employee and the total payroll taxes are less than $700 per quarter. New York State requires the NYS-45 for taxes under $700 and the NYS-1 for taxes OVER $700. 


I have had warrants issued against me for lack of payment because of this. I called support, waited 45 minutes to speak to somebody who transferred me to payroll support and heard an announcement that their office was closed!!!!!!!!!!!!


So, basically, if I use Quickbooks, I have warrants filed against my business. 

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Re: 2018 NYS-45 form

I don't have a date range only a drop down for which quarter. I can't file for last quarter of 2018 in 2019. the form shows an error and won't proceed to the payment transmission.

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Re: 2018 NYS-45 form



Quickbooks Pro 2017 does NOT give you the option to input the date for the entire year. It only allows you to select a quarter. So, at the end of the year, say 4th quarter 2018, you select the dates for the last quarter. BUT you are filing in 2019. Quickbooks always shows a date error because 2019 doesn't match 2018 !!!!!!!! IT DOESN'T WORK.  THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIXED YEARS AGO !!!!

QuickBooks Team

Re: 2018 NYS-45 form

Hi there, DrDom.


It's possible there's a damaged data preventing you from entering the entire data period in the NYS-45 form. Let's try running the Verify and Rebuild Data utility to fix any data issues in your software. Then, process the tax form again.


If the same thing happens, you can repair QuickBooks Desktop to fix program-related issues.


If the problem persists, I'd suggest contacting our Payroll Support Team. They'll investigate this further and help you process the NYS-45 form and NYS-1 payments.


Here's how to contact them:

  1. In QuickBooks Desktop, Click Help on the top menu.
  2. Choose QuickBooks Help.
  3. Click Contact us.
  4. Choose Running Your Business in QuickBooks.
  5. Click Basic, Standard, or Enhanced Payroll.
  6. Click Start a Message to contact us.

In the meantime, you can submit the NYS-1 Payments with the New York Department of Taxation and Finance. Just follow the steps in Alternative Submission Process section in this article: New York Withholding Payments.


You can also visit the state agency's website to manually submit the NYS-45 tax form.


Please reply to this thread if you need anything else.

Level 1

Re: 2019 NYS-45

part A of the nys 45 won't upload. Can someone help?


Re: 2019 NYS-45

Hello there, @val3.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Let's get this sorted out by installing the recent tax table and updating QuickBooks to the latest release.


Let me show you how:

  1. Open QuickBooks.
  2. Go to Employees and choose Get Payroll Updates.
  3. Click to select Download entire payroll update.
  4. Click on Update.
  5. When the download is complete, click OK to close the window.

Once done, try pulling up the form again. 


After following these steps, you should be able to upload part A of NYS-45 form without any issues. You may refer to the following articles about the electronic filing services in QuickBooks Desktop: 


Please know that I'm just a few clicks away should you have any other questions about payroll. I'm still here if you need further assistance. Have a wonderful day.

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