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941-X Filing a corrected form that does not require an adjusted tax payments

My Q2 2020 941 had that issue where the Social Security box was left blank. So the taxes paid did not match the final amount on the form. After trying to follow some troubleshooting online I couldn't get it to work, so I went ahead and filed an incorrect 941 so I wouldn't miss the due date. I have not received a refund from the feds, just a notice that my form was incorrect. I got the Quickbooks issue fixed now and am trying to file an 941-X to correct the return. However, I don't know how to answer the questions about whether I have an under- or over-payment. My only two options seem to be to request a credit or refund, or to pay more in taxes. Neither apply though because taxes were paid correctly, and I simply need to correct the form. How do I file an adjustment for the form only?

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QuickBooks Team

941-X Filing a corrected form that does not require an adjusted tax payments

Hi there, silkssaloon.


When filing an amended tax return, you only need to fill in the section where you are reporting the correction. Since the amounts are paid correctly, you don't need to ask for a refund or pay more taxes. You're only correcting the amount that was reported in the original Form 941. Social Security amounts are located in Lines 8 and 9 of Part 3. 


Here's an article and an IRS link about this for more details: 


However, I would still recommend reaching out to your accountant for additional advice on this matter. 


Visit us again in the Community if you need more help with your tax returns. 

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