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Billing address different than 1099 address

Our accounting firm will require getting a 1099, but they utilize a drop box for bills.  How do I set up their account so the 1099 goes to the correct address?

QuickBooks Team

Re: Billing address different than 1099 address

Hello there, lgraetz.


Thanks for checking in with us. Let me help you set up the correct address for your 1099.


First of all, I'd like to know what QuickBooks product you are using so I can provide more accurate steps specific to your concern. 


If you're using QuickBooks Online (QBO), you can directly go to your Vendor Information's tab and update the address from there. I'd be glad to show you the steps below:

  1. Go to Workers.
  2. Click Contractors.
  3. Choose a vendor.
  4. Click the pencil icon from the Personal details.
  5. Update the Address.
  6. Verify other information and click Save.


For more information about editing contractors in QBO, here's as an article that you can refer to: How to add, edit and inactivate contractors.


I've also included some articles to help learn more about Vendor 1099's in QBO: 

Let me know if you need more assistance with updating 1099 address. I'm always here to offer help.

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Re: Billing address different than 1099 address

I am using Quickbooks desktop Pro 2019 and as such the only address options available are "Billed from" and "Shipped from" for vendors which is how all of our vendors are set up. My question is, how do I print the bill checks to one address - to the lockbox, but yet have the 1099's print to the correct address, which is NOT the lockbox.  Or are you saying that to mail them to the correct address when printing the 1099's, I will need to go into my multiple companies and change the address prior to printing the 1099's?

QuickBooks Team

Re: Billing address different than 1099 address

Thanks for getting back to us, @lgraetz.


Yes, you'll need to change the address prior to print your 1099s. I'd be glad to assist you with this.


Here's how to edit vendors address:


  1. Go to Vendors.
  2. Select Vendor Center.
  3. Double click the vendor's name you want to change.
  4. In the Address Info tab, change the address in the Billed From section.
  5. Click OK once done.

Please do the same to your other vendors. Once done, you can now print the 1099s with the correct address.


In case you need tips and related articles in the future, visit our QuickBooks Community help website for reference: QBDT Self-help.


That's it! Please let us know if you have any other questions about 1099s. We're always here to help.

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Re: Billing address different than 1099 address

I have worked with Quickbooks for over 20 years.  I had hoped that this one rather simple issue would have been resolved in that time.  I print 1099's for 10 different companies, so remembering to change addresses for printing 1099's in every company to then change it back when printing checks just seems to be silly.

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