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Deleted Check

I deleted a check that was a sales tax payment to the state and was told that I can just enter that transaction again since I have a copy of the check.  I go to re-enter that check and some of the jurisdiction tax payments are not showing up in the Pay Sales Tax window. I ran my Sales Tax Liability Report, and everything shows up there just fine.  H E L P !!! 

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QuickBooks Team

Deleted Check

Hi there, francined.


I'll help you recreate the sales tax payment. If the amounts are still outstanding in the Sales Tax Liability report, it's possible that the date in the Pay Sales Tax window is incorrect. 


Let's go back to the same window and make sure that the date in the Show sales tax due through field is correct. You also need to make sure that the Check Date is correct so it's recorded in the correct period.


If you can't still see it even if date is already correct, please contact our Technical Support Team. They can take a closer look at this to determine what's causing the issue. Here's how:


  1. Go the Help menu and select QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  2. Click Contact Us.
  3. Let them know that you need help in recreating a deleted tax payment check. 
  4. Click Continue, then select the available contact options.

You can also check out their hours operations here: Support hours and types.


I'll be around if you need anything else.

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Deleted Check

Hello, and thank you for your reply. 


I really think I have made this very complicated for myself unfortunately.


Quick Update on the scenario:


We were billing customers monthly as they were getting ready to switch to a new vendor.  In the month  following the invoice, I would pay the Sales & Use Tax, but for a couple customers I ended up Voiding invoices that I already paid the sales tax on, which in turn would show up as a negative dollar amount (credit) in QuickBooks when I would go to Pay the Sales Tax.  I contacted Support, and was told to resolve the matter, delete the check I paid the sales tax with, and then I could reenter the payment, and that would solve my problem.  When I went in to pay the sales tax, 4 of the “jurisdictions” were not showing up in the screen to pay. 


Would creating invoices for the July 2019 tax month I am trying to recreate the check for solve my issue.  Meaning, I have done so, and now their tax payment option is there for me to make the payment.  After I recreate the check, I would delete the invoices?

QuickBooks Team

Deleted Check

Hello there, @ francined.


We can create a sales tax adjustment. This helps us keep an accurate record of taxes. Here's how:


  1. Click Vendors.
  2. Go Sales Tax.
  3. Select Adjust Sales Tax Due.
  4. Enter the Adjustment Date, then the Sales Tax Vendor.
  5. Add the Adjustment Account.
  6. In the Adjustment section, select either to increase or decrease the sales tax amount.
  7. Click OK.


Check this article on how to process sales tax adjustment for more information. 


You can void the created invoices and ensure to back up your QuickBooks Desktop company file. This way, you can restore the file that you removed.


Get back to this thread if you have additional questions. We'll be right here to address them. 

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Deleted Check

I know how to do a sales tax adjustment, but do not think that will solve my issue.  This initially started with a sales tax payment that I made for an invoice I later ended up voiding.  My goal is to not have my sales Tax Collected and Sales Tax Payable columns be the same as they should be, and prior to me deleting the check, they were always off.  When I pay sales tax, I select and pay multiple counties sales taxes, so by just doing the adjustment, how does that balance out my columns?

QuickBooks Team

Deleted Check

Hello there, francined. 


We can recreate the check and then delete the invoice since the sales tax payment didn't show after creating the check. Doing this will also show that you have an over payment. I'll be attaching articles here for your references about our sales tax feature:

You can also reach out to an accountant for any advice on how to take account the over payment and to show the differences between your Sales Tax Collected and Sales Tax Payable amounts.


I'll be around the corner if you need anything else. Have a great day and keep safe always!

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