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Does PayCycle exist?

My company had a mystery charge from PayCycle in August 2020.  We haven't used PayCycle since about 2013.  Quickbooks customer service was able to tell me that it had something to do with a 'mismatched payment' on my Q2 NYS45.... but the record of the payment isn't in my Quickbooks account.  Customer Service says that's because it was a PayCycle transaction.... but as far as I can see, PayCycle doesn't exist.  There is no place anywhere to log in to a PayCycle account.  And how could a company I haven't worked with for seven years debit my bank account for a tax payment?

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QuickBooks Team

Does PayCycle exist?

Welcome to the Community, @ericbeachso.


I want to make sure this PayCycle charge gets checked, and I'd like to redirect you to the best support group available to get this reviewed.


PayCycle is a registered trademark of Intuit. Since you got a charge from PayCycle, I recommend reaching out to our QuickBooks Payroll Support team again. I understand that you already contacted them before, but they have tools that can check your account in a secure environment and verify what the charges are.


To reach them, you can directly fill out this form to chat with an expert. You can also check out their support hours through this article: Contact Payroll Support.


Please keep in touch if there's anything else I can do to help you succeed with QuickBooks. I've got your back. Have a great day!

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Does PayCycle exist?

I've already spoken with half a dozen different customer service people at Quickbooks, and they always come back in the end saying that they can't give me any more information about the transaction.  It seems to revolve around the fact that this was PayCycle transaction, apparently not a Quickbooks transaction (which makes absolutely no sense to me.


Post date:08/20/2020

Amount: -1,463.28

Type: Other payment

Description: PAYCYCLE INC2252 DES:Tax Debit ID:1359019 INDN:SO CO ID:1943345425 CCD

Merchant name: INTUIT

Transaction category: Finance: Taxes


It just completely boggles my mind that Intuit could debit my checking account and not have to provide me some report somewhere that explains why they debited that amount.


I wish there were some way to speak to Intuit customer service, since apparently this is not a Quickbooks issue - but any line I call automatically routes me to Quickbooks customer service....


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