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File my 941

unable to file my 941 . Help

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Re: File my 941

Hi there, @John Snow.


Thank you for visiting us here today. I can share some information about the filing of 941 form in QuickBooks.


Currently, the 941 form for the 4th quarter of 2018 is not yet available. This form will be released by January 2019. However, if you're referring to the previous quarters, I can help you get a copy. Since it's already beyond the deadline, manually filing it to IRS is the next step.


As a suggestion, you can pull up the 941 form in QuickBooks for your reference and copy the information on the downloaded form from the IRS website:

  1. Choose the Taxes & Forms tab.
  2. Click Forms.
  3. Click View Archived Forms.


I'm confident that this information will help you get back to business. Also, you can check these articles for additional information: 

Don't hesitate to add a comment below if you have additional questions about payroll. Have a wonderful day ahead.