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How do I add a sales tax payment?

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QuickBooks Team

Re: How do I add a sales tax payment?

It's good to see you here in the Community, @crystal20.


You can record your sales tax payment to add it up in QuickBooks. I'd be glad to walk you through the steps.


  1. From the left panel, click Taxes.
  2. Select Sales Tax.
  3. In the Sales Tax Owed list, choose the tax agency.
  4. Click Record Tax Payment.
  5. Select the ending date for the tax period.
  6. Enter the necessary information.
  7. Once done, click Record Tax Payment.

I've got you an article for more details: Manage Sales Tax Payments.


You might also want to read this article to learn how to add sales tax categories to your products and services.


Just hit the Reply button if you have additional questions. I'll be right here to help.

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