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how to convert my w2s from pdf to csv

I have bought preprinted W2s with a program and they won't align printing them from QB.  How can I convert the pdf of the w2s into csv form so that I do not have to copy all of that information.

Tina B.

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QuickBooks Team

Re: how to convert my w2s from pdf to csv

Hey there, @atina221.


Thanks for visiting the Community. I can share some information about converting your W-2s from PDF to CSV in QuickBooks Desktop.


The ability to convert W-2s in PDF format to CSV file is currently unavailable. I suggest sending feedback to our Developers for the inclusion of this option in future updates. Rest assured, I’ll do the same on my end.


Let me show you how:
1.    Go to the Help menu and select Send Feedback Online.
2.    Select Product Suggestion.
3.    On the QuickBooks Feedback window, fill out onscreen instructions.
4.    Click Send Feedback


You may want to check out a third party application that would help in converting a PDF to an Excel file. Just head to the Apps for QuickBooks Desktop website and search for a keyword like convert PDF to CSV to get started. 


That’s it. Please let me know if you need anything else. I’ll be around to help. Enjoy your day!

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