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how to e-file Federal forms after saving as a PDF?

941 file created and saved as a PDF.  Want to e-file it, but don't see the way to do that from PDF and I can't bring up the QB questionaire and form again to use that 'button' to submit.  How do I submit the already created and saved form?  Also, the bottom of the 941 form asks if you are self-employed, then check the box.  We have our own S-Corp and pay ourselves wages.  Are we still considered self-employed?

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QuickBooks Team

Re: how to e-file Federal forms after saving as a PDF?

I'll help you how you can send your tax forms electorincally, StillLearning27.


While we can't e-file the PDF copy, you will have to open the actual form in the File Forms section. Then, submit it electronically to the IRS. Here's how:


  1. Go to the File Forms section in the Payroll Center
  2. Open the tax form and make sure there aren't any errors on it.
  3. Click Submit Form and follow the prompts to e-file the tax form.

Here's an article that talks about e-filing Federal forms for more details: E-file 940, 941, And 944 Tax Forms


With regards to your second question, I would recommend consulting your accountant to verify if you need to check the box for self-employed.


You can always visit us again in the Community if you have other questions.




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