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Intuit online tax problem with IRS

I paid my August 941/944  tax payment 9/15/2020 at Bank of America with a same-day wire because I missed the cutoff to push my button on Intuit online payroll.
 I then went to pay my September 941/944 tax payment for the date of 10/15/2020.  However when I did that,  because I paid my August payment through same day wire at the Bank of America, it still showed up on my to do list to push the button to make my August payment.  I accidentally pushed the button for the August payment when in fact I meant to push the button for September's payment. 

 So August payment of $2,214.34 was paid by direct wire September 15th and then September's payment was paid through Intuit online but when I made that payment I pushed the August tax payment button accidentally  and paid $2,214.34 a second time.  September's payment was actually $2,188.30.  I did contact the IRS and they corrected the payment on there side and are sending me a refund for the difference. 

 However,  I still have September's payment sitting out there for me to click on.  I need to have this adjusted and corrected properly shows so it's all reflected in my payroll taxes for the 3rd quarter.

 By the way to discuss this on a chat is practically impossible  to discuss through a chat.

Tax Type Due Date E-Payment Cutoff Amount  
Federal Taxes (941/944)10/15/202010/13/2020 5:00 PM Pacific$2188.30 
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QuickBooks Team

Intuit online tax problem with IRS

Hi there, @AWRSRF.



I know how important the filing of federal taxes is. I recommend reaching out to our Support Team as they have the tools to securely access your account and resolve the tax correction. 


You can reach out to our Intuit Online Payroll Support Team via chat. They are available Mon- Fri from 6 AM to 6 PM PT and Sat from 6 AM to 3 PM PT. Please click these links and fill out the form to connect with our experts.



Also, can you please tell me more regarding your concern about payroll taxes so I can help you?. If there's an overpayment, please check this link on how to resolve it: Resolving a tax overpayment. I've also added more articles for your information:



Let me know how this goes for you! I'll be here if you need further assistance.

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