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How do you track mileage on the phone app

QuickBooks Team


Hi there, Gclarke.


QuickBooks automatically track the locations of your trips. It could be for both business or personal. This is helpful in case the government tax agency will audit the complete mileage log with all of the miles you drove for a given year.


Also, using this feature can let us identify the allowable expense. To do it, just go to Mileage after taking a work-related drive to categorize your trips. You can swipe right to categorize your trip as a personal trip and swipe left if it's a work-related trip. Then,  add the purpose of the trip and the assigned vehicle.


Here are the steps on how to turn on Mileage tracking using the mobile application:


  1. Click the Mileage tab at the bottom of your screen (iOS) or click Mileage from the Menu (Android) .
  2. Switch the Auto-tracking toggle to turn on automatic mileage tracking.
  3. Enable location services in your device's settings.

In case you'll want to turn it off, you can do it by toggling the  Auto-tracking option in the Mileage tab in the mobile app. This way, your trips won't be automatically tracked.  You can also turn off the location services for auto-mileage tracking altogether by going to the settings on your phone.



  1. Go to the Settings menu.
  2. Select Privacy then Location Services.
  3. Click Self-Employed.
  4. Change the selection from Always to Never.


  1. Go to the Settings menu.
  2. Select Privacy then Google Location Settings.
  3. Click Location Reporting and Location History, and switch the slifer to off for Self-Employed.
  4. Change the selection from Always to Never.

Once done, you'll have to manually enter your mileage in the mobile app. To do it, please see article on how to manually add mileage in the mobile app.


Please get back to me if you need anything else. Have a good one!







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It should be noted that currently only the Master Admin user can track mileage. Regular admins and standard users don't seem to have access to this feature.

QuickBooks Team



Hi there, @jerryswang


Thanks for joining this conversation for adding inputs about the mileage in QuickBooks. I'll take note of your idea to make sure we are updated. 


I've added our QuickBooks Online Help Articles hub in case you need some easy steps for your How do I tasks in the future.


Drop by again at any time if you have more information to share or if you need help with QuickBooks, @jerryswang. We're always delighted to assist. 


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Is there a way for an employee to enter their mileage outside of the app? We do not want to give admin access to employees, but it would be very helpful for them to enter their own mileage for reimbursement. Is this possible through Quickbooks Online Essentials? 

QuickBooks Team


I can share with you some insights about mileage tracking, @SMHansen1.


You can only use the QuickBooks Online mobile app to track your business mileage. Also, your employees should use company vehicles for business trips. If an employee uses their personal car for business, you can reimburse them.


To track mileage reimbursements and pay employees for the expenses. Here's how: 


First, set up a vendor profile for your employee and a special expense account to track repayments. Then, create a mileage item that you can add to a bill. 


  1. Go to the Settings ⚙ menu and then choose Products and Services.
  2. Click New, then select Non-inventory for the type.
  3. Name the item Manual mileage.
  4. In the Description section, select I sell this product/service to my customers. Then enter a description.
  5. In the Sales price/rate field, enter the cost you pay for travel per mile.
  6. In the Purchasing information section, check I purchase this product/service from a vendor. Then enter a description.
  7. From the Expense account ▼ dropdown menu, choose the mileage expense account you just created.
  8. Once done, click Save and close.


Next is to create a bill for the mileage reimbursement. After you pay your employee, you can record them in QuickBooks. For your reference, please see Steps 2 and 3 in this article: Reimburse employees' mileage and vehicle expenses.


Additionally, here's how to set up mileage tracking and vehicles in QBO.


Please let me know if you have other concerns. I'll get back to you right away. Keep safe and good day.

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Rubielyn_J:  if you can only track miles in the mobile app, and we must give all those employees Admin privileges, that is a major problem.  Why design it that way?  Companies need employee access to mileage without the ability to access and edit company financials.  That seems like it would be common sense.

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