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Need help with some sales tax

I'm doing quarterly sales taxes for our company, but I'm a bit stuck. I use the Sales by Item Summary and Sales Tax Liability reports. The only problem is that the Sales and Taxable Sales amount from each respective report doesn't match up.


The Sales Tax Liability report lists the total sales by tax list, which I have it by county. How do I also make the Sales by Item Detail also show that information? It would be easier to compare if I can sort them by the sales code item, rather than or invoice # or date, etc.



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Re: Need help with some sales tax

I can show you the steps on how to customize a report to show what you're needing, blujay22.


In order to customize the Sales by Item Detail report by sales code item, here's what you'll need to do:

  1. Go to Reports menu at the top, then click Sales.
  2. Select Sales by Item Detail.
  3. Click the Customize Report button at the top.
  4. Go to Filters tab.
  5. In the Search Filters section, type in Sales Tax Code.
  6. Select the sales tax code that you'd want to show in the report.
  7. Click OK.

For additional information, here's a great resource that you can read:

In case you need tips and related articles in the future, visit our QuickBooks Community help website for reference: QBDT Self-help.


These steps should get you pointed on the right track. Let me know if you get the chance to try all these steps and what the results are. I'd be glad to further assist.