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New W-4 message offers incorrect payroll advice

Need to be able to change selection in W-4 dropdown between "2019 and prior" and "2020 and Later".  Selection error was made and it appears that it can't be undone.  I do see that a message appears indicating the selection once made can't be reverted.  That's nonsense!  This needs changed to allow for correction of mistaken selections.  Does anyone have an end-around? 

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Michael K

New W-4 message offers incorrect payroll advice

Hi there, @me36. Thanks for joining the Community!


You are correct that once selections are made they cannot be reverted. We do display a message on the selection screen outlining this, but I understand it can be frustrating not to be able to reverse the changes. I'll submit this feedback to our Product Development team for review.

I recommend taking a look at our blog for information about updates in QuickBooks Desktop. 


Please let me know if there's anything else I can do to be of assistance. Cheers to a safe and productive week ahead.

Community Champion

New W-4 message offers incorrect payroll advice

@Michael K 

RE: You are correct that once selections are made they cannot be reverted.


The issue with this is that you may not have a new W-4 from the employee.  And, you cannot legally require the employee who has filled out an old W-4 to fill out a new one.


So, if you make the incorrect selection, then you can't fix it to match what you must do in reality. This isn't acceptable. 


This is why QuickBooks lets you fix data entry mistakes in almost all cases except when doing so is not feasible or useful.  In this case it is both feasible and useful to correct this data entry mistake, and the ability to do so is implicitly required by law since you a) must enter into QB what the employee elected on the W-4, and b) you cannot require an employee to fill out the new W-4.


QuickBooks MUST change so that users can enter the W-4 that they must enter, the one the employee last filled out!


This logic tree is easy enough to figure out. It is hard for me to understand how Intuit could have gotten this so wrong.

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