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Payroll tax

I have QuickBooks doing my payroll do they do the 940 and 941 form automatically or Is that something separate I have to do if so is there any additional cost of QuickBooks does it or if I have to go out and do it myself

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Payroll tax

Welcome to QuickBooks Community, @Jamesobie,


We offer two options in QuickBooks doing payroll 940 and 941 forms by setting up your payroll. Each payroll service has an additional cost. Let me share how much the rate is for each subscription.


If you choose Self Service Payroll it provides complete payroll functionality for businesses but you'll be the one to work by yourselves. While choosing Full-Service Payroll is an outsourced payroll online in which will be the one to do so. All you need to do is provide the total hours worked for hourly employees along with any paid time off (PTO) and Intuit will do the rest!


For additional guidance and information on how to set up your payroll, please read this article: New Payroll Setup Interview


You can check out this website for your reference for QBO price list and free trial: QuickBooks Online Pricing And Free Trial


You can also find this resource page handy in the future in case you want to learn more what taxes and forms QuickBooks file for you:  Taxes and Forms in QuickBooks Online


Keep me posted if you have additional questions and concerns. We are always here to help you. Wishing your business continued success!

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