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QuickBook for Mac-Save for Accountant?

I used the [File] > [Save File for Accountant...] option in QuickBooks 2019 for Mac v18.0.6 R7 to verify and save my QuickBooks file, which I uploaded to my Microsoft One Drive. The file is 58.8 MBs and is uncompressed. For some reason, my accountant is unable to restore the file with the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop 2020 for Accountants. 


We've had this problem in the past, which is why I upgraded to the most recent version of QuickBooks for Mac, but the problem remains. In years past, she's been able to open the file, but it generally takes 10-20 attempts before the file will open successfully. She works with other clients who also use Macs but hasn't had this problem. 


How long should it take QuickBooks Desktop 2020 to restore a 58.8 MB file? Is there anything we can do to eliminate this problem? Any help and/or advice is much appreciated.

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QuickBooks Team

QuickBook for Mac-Save for Accountant?

Hi there, Kelly6,


I'm here to help ensure you're able to send your company file to your accountant.


QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) recommends that you run the verify and rebuild data before saving and sending it to your accountant. This is to fix any errors or damages on your company file. This could be the reason why your accountant is unable to restore the file.


Also, you and your accountant must be on the same versions of QuickBooks (like your accountant is using QBDT 2020, yours should be the 2020 version of Mac). 


To prepare your QuickBooks file for your accountant:

  1. Open the company file you want to share.
  2. Choose File, then Save File for Accountant.
  3. Click Verify or Skip Verify.
  4. Once QuickBooks tells you that the verification is successful, name the converted file and navigate to where you want to save it.
  5. Select Save.
  6. QuickBooks will prompt you to create a password to protect your company file. Enter a password or, if you don’t want to password-protect the file, leave the fields blank.
  7. If you do enter a password, be sure to share it with your accountant!
  8. Click OK.

I've also added this resource: QuickBooks for Mac Guide, then go to page 22 to know how to open the file sent from your accountant. It includes detailed steps and instructions.


Stay in touch if there's anything else you need. I'm always right here to help.


Thank you and stay safe!

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