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filing 1099 in QuickBooks Desktop using Hosting Services

The article with the detailed instructions for filing 1099 / 1096 to IRS and or State and to the independent contractors has a link that fails as not found, for filing ....DESKTOP using Intuit Hosting Services. #1. the link fails. #2. I am not sure if Intuit Hosting Services includes "Right Networks Hosting". Either way I cannot get to the instruction for working on this tasks in our hosting account where our data and QB Desktop Pro (2017) resides. 


Help please.

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Re: filing 1099 in QuickBooks Desktop using Hosting Services

I'm here to help, bwwiggins.


Let me guide you to the right support that can provide the assistance you need.


Right Netwrorks is one of the authorized hosting providers for Intuit. To make sure that the 1099 e-file link will work in your QuickBooks, I recommend contacting their phone support. They have the resources and expertise to help make sure you can file 1099 forms in QuickBooks Desktop.


You can get the Right Networks phone number at the bottom part of this article: Right Networks Hosting.


Please reach out to me if you need anything else. I'm here for you. Have a good one.