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Sales Tax Liability report, inactive tax items and agencies display, totals wrong after converting to groups

I've created Sales Tax Groups and new Sales Tax Items to attempt to correctly calculate sales taxes for a client.  I printed the Sales Tax Liability Report for last month before and after this was done and the applicable invoices corrected.  The First issue is removing old tax agencies and incorrect codes from the report - I have deactivated the Vendor (named "Miscellaneous") and deactivated the Sales Tax Items - why do they still appear?  The last transaction was in 2008 that I can find (Customize report/advanced/Display Rows = Active).  There are others that I've just deactivated that have $0 on this report to the Valid Tax Agency however there are also no transaction within the report period.  The report has to be only showing active items, the entire list I just typed in isn't on here.  Where is this information pulling from?


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QuickBooks Team

Re: Sales Tax Liability report, inactive tax items and agencies display, totals wrong after conve...

You've partially done the right steps, Sid0203.


The information displayed on the Sales Tax Liability report is based on the items you've set up in QuickBooks whether they are active or not. To ensure that the items with zero amount is not displayed, let's change your filter from Active to Non-zero.


Like this:

  1. From the Advanced settings, select the radio button for Non-zero for Display Columns and Display Rows tab.
  2. On the Reporting Calendar, select whether it's the Fiscal Year, Calendar Year, or Income Tax Year that you'd like to be displayed on the report.
  3. Click OK twice.

After adding these filters, refresh the report to see the results.


Let me know if you need a different report. I'll be around to help you generate it.