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close boos on 19 file 2020 taxes

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QuickBooks Team


Thanks for dropping by, @scooter714.


Closing your books means fastening everything entered prior to the closing date. You can review your books and make sure everything is in order.


Here are a few things you need to check:


Let me show you how to close books:

  1. Go to Gear ⚙ on the top right and then select Account and Settings.
  2. Select the Advanced tab.
  3. Choose Edit ✎ in the Accounting section.
  4. Select the Close the books checkbox.
  5. Enter a closing date. Give yourself a comfortable deadline. You shouldn't need to edit any transactions before this date. Your new bookkeeping work will start after this point.
  6. Select the Allow changes after viewing a warning and entering a password option from the drop-down menu if you want to require a password before editing your closed books.
  7. Select Save and then Done.


You can also check the step by step process through this video article: Close your books to lock past transactions.


Due to COVID-19, filing of federal taxes are extended, you can check the IRS website, and visit your state tax agency website for more details.


I'll add this article as your reference on how to file Quarterly tax forms in QuickBooks Online Payroll: File quarterly tax forms.


Just in case you want to read more about the year-end guide to complete certain tasks, you can review this article: Year-end guide and checklist.


I'll wait for your reply here if you have more questions. I'll keep my notifications open. Have a good one!

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