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Resolving Tax Overpayment - No Options Available

We had a state employment tax overpayment for SUI in the first quarter of 2020. I would like to apply it to the second quarter tax payment. When I go to resolve it in (Quickbooks Online), it only gives me the "Resolve Overpayment" button. It does not give me the "Apply to a future tax payment or Request a refund" options that are mentioned in the instructions for Resolving a tax overpayment. How do I resolve this issue?

QuickBooks Team

Resolving Tax Overpayment - No Options Available

I'll help with your tax payment in QuickBooks Online, KHuihui.


There are times that too much cache or browser issues can cause unexpected results when working in QuickBooks Online. Let me share some steps that resolve this type behavior.


You can start by using an incognito or private browsing session. Depending on the browser that you have, use these keyboard shortcuts to start a new one:


  • Ctrl Shift N  for Google Chrome
  • Ctrl Shift P  for Firefox
  • Control Option +if you're using Safari

Once done, log back in and check if you can already see both Apply to a future tax payment or Request a refund options.


If you can already see them, go back to the regular browsing session and clear out the stored cache and cookies. Use this article as a guide: Clear cache and cookies to fix issues when using QuickBooks Online.


If you're getting a similar result, please reach out to our Payroll Support Team. They'll take a closer look at this to determine why you're not seeing those options. Use this article as a guide on how to reach out to them: Contact the QuickBooks Online Customer Support Team.


Don't hesitate to add another comment below if you need anything else. 

Level 1

Resolving Tax Overpayment - No Options Available

I tried both of your suggestions, but they did not work. I contacted customer support and they were able to apply the overpayment credit to the following quarter for me.

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