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Sales Tax Adjustment is not adjusting Amount Due

I am using QuickBooks Desktop 2020 Pro. This is the first time since upgrading to 2020 that I have attempted to record the sales tax paid. I'm currently working on the Reconciliation for May 2020 [don't judge me, hahaha :) ]
Each time I pay Sales Tax I get a small credit for paying online. Before upgrading to QB 2020, I would use the Adjust Sales Tax Due tool to make the Amount Due match the actual amount paid to the Dept of Revenue.
When trying today, I follow the same steps as I have done for 2 years, but the "Amount Due" stays the same. I have checked for QB updates. I have closed out of Quickbooks and relaunched. I have rebooted my computer...the results are still the same: Adjustment tool does not adjust the amount due. Has anyone else had this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am attaching screenshots of each step taken for reference. 

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QuickBooks Team

Sales Tax Adjustment is not adjusting Amount Due

Hi SpartanOffroad. Thanks for coming to the community. It sounds like there may be some data damage.


I suggest you check out the article on running a verify and rebuild. If you run into anything during the process just let me know and I'll be glad to help. Have a great day. 


Level 2

Sales Tax Adjustment is not adjusting Amount Due

I forgot to mention that I checked the data already...."QuickBooks detected no problems with your data"

QuickBooks Team

Sales Tax Adjustment is not adjusting Amount Due

Hi SpartanOffroad. Thanks for the reply. In this case, there may be something else going on. I recommend you reach out to the phone support team. You can find an up to date call-in number at the Intuit Support page. Have a great day 

Level 2

Sales Tax Adjustment is not adjusting Amount Due

After spending over 2 hours between Chat and on Calls with representatives that insist on reading me the instructions that I've already followed, I think I'm going to lose my temper.  Does anyone out there have Desktop 2020 Pro that can see if they are able to recreate this issue? I believe it is a bug, and have submitted feedback via "Send Feedback Online" option within my software, but since my name & email address are "optional" I doubt anyone is getting back to me anytime soon. 
P.S. The representative I was on the phone with put me on hold 20mins ago so she could transfer me to someone else. I'm pretty sure she isn't going to help OR transfer me and is hoping that I will just hang up. 

QuickBooks Team

Sales Tax Adjustment is not adjusting Amount Due


This is not the type of service that we want you to experience, @SpartanOffroad.


Please know that one of our priorities is quality service. Rest assured that this will be escalated to our back end office to help improve our services.


With regards to your issue, I have here some troubleshooting steps that will help you fix this problem.


First, you’ll want to download QuickBooks Tool Hub to fix common problems and errors like company file issues in QuickBooks.


Here’s how.


  1. Close QuickBooks.
  2. Download QuickBooks Tool Hub and follow the on-screen steps to install and agree to the terms and Conditions.
  3. On the QuickBooks Tool Hub window, select Company File Issues.
  4. Then, click Run QuickBooks File Doctor.


Once done, update your QuickBooks Desktop to its latest release to have the latest features and fixes. You can use this article to update QuickBooks. Update QuickBooks Desktop.


 I’m adding a link here where you can search for an article if you need some information or procedures while using QuickBooks Desktop. Help article.


I'll be here to help if you have any further questions. Have a wonderful day.

Level 1

Sales Tax Adjustment is not adjusting Amount Due

I have run in to the same problem with sales tax adjustments not adjusting the amount due.. I chatted with someone as well that was of absolutely no help.

I also had an issue last week with my payroll tax e-payments not going through, even though QBs says they were processed by the tax agency. Again, I spoke with someone who had no answers.

I have used QBs for many years for another company. This company is new and I've had more issues here that I've had in all my years of using QBs.


Sales Tax Adjustment is not adjusting Amount Due

This isn't the kind of service you'll want to experience, pwstill.


Allow me to help you adjust the sales tax due. There's a possibility that you're using Sales Tax Payable for the adjustment account. That's why it's not making the changes.


You need to choose an Income account if you're adjusting the discount or credit you've received. On the other hand, select an Expense account if you need to add penalties and fines or if you are entering a positive rounding error.


Let me outline the steps on how to adjust.


  1. Go to the Vendors menu and select Sales Tax then Adjust Sales Tax Due.
  2. In the Sales Tax Adjustment window, enter the adjustment date, sales tax vendor, adjustment account, and other relevant information.
  3. In the Adjustment section, choose if you need to increase or reduce sales tax then enter the adjustment amount.
  4. (Optional) In the Memo field, enter any additional notes.
  5. Click OK.


I'm adding this link to learn how to troubleshoot issues or unexpected results you may encounter while managing your sales tax: How to resolve common sales tax issues.


About your payroll tax e-payment, please know that the agency can accept the payment earlier. But, they'll only debit your bank account on the Withdraw On Date you've entered.


For example, if you send an e-payment on 01/15, you can enter a Withdraw On date for 01/31. The agency can accept the payment earlier, but won't debit your bank account until 01/31. 


You can find more details about this through this article: Understand e-payment dates in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Enhanced.


Get back to me by commenting below if you have additional concerns about adjusting the sales tax due. I'll stay around until you're able to adjust.

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