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B Durden
Level 2

Sales tax in POS by county issue

I have QB POS 12.  I ship items all over my state and each county has its own sales tax.  I have set up the county tax for all counties.  However when I select the customer profile and make them tax for that county and save.  Then I enter sales for this customer it defaults to my county that my company is at and not the customer profile. So with each line item I have to change the county.  Am I doing something wrong. 

QuickBooks Team

Sales tax in POS by county issue

Hello, @B Durden.


You're on the right track in setting up the sales tax for each county where you sell your goods or merchandise. Let me share additional information on how QuickBooks calculates sales tax.


First, here are the factors to consider in the calculation of your sales tax:

  • Your customer’s tax-exempt status
  • Where you sell and where you ship
  • What you sell

By default, the system automatically considers the location of your company in the calculation of your sales tax. However, you can set it up to calculate based on where the merchandise is being sold. Here's how:


     1. Specify that you collect sales tax

          a. Go to the File menu.

          b. Select Preferences.

          c. Choose Company.

          d. From the I want to option, select Sales Tax.

          e. Mark the Collect Sales Tax checkbox. 


User-added image

     2. Set up sales tax location 


User-added image

     3. Add tax codes


You can read through this article for more detailed information: Set up sales tax in QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale.


Get back to us here again if you have other questions about tracking Sales Tax in QuickBooks. I'm always here to help.

B Durden
Level 2

Sales tax in POS by county issue

I have done this already.  I am able to tell POS that xyz customer is say liberty county. that at 7%.  But everytime I ring up a sale. The shipping is taxed for correct but each line item is taxed for the company county that at 8%.  So I have to on each line item click the tax block and select the liberty county tax.   This is very time consuming when there 57 line  items. I used to only use QB but now have a store so added POS to it. like POS but it handles tax real bad vs QB.

B Durden
Level 2

Sales tax in POS by county issue

Thanks for your reply.  I have done all of this already.  However it only charges the correct tax by county to the shipping the the line item for the sale.  Even when the customer profile says the correct county.  So when i ring up the customer each line item shows the tax code for my county not the customers.  The shipping is taxed correctly just not the line items. So I have to click the tax block and change every line to the customer county.  very time consuming when you have 56 line items.   I used to only use QB and never have an issue but not I have a store so went with POS.  So far I enjoy POS but not happy with how it does the sales tax.

QuickBooks Team

Sales tax in POS by county issue

Thanks for coming back to us, @B Durden.


At the moment, you'll need to add the sales tax per line item manually. I can see how important this option is for your business. Rest assured, I will take note of adding the sales tax per sales on POS.


Meanwhile, you can check out this link for more information on managing sales tax in POS.


Please know that I'll be around if you need help with anything else, so don't hesitate to reply. Have a wonderful day ahead.



Level 1

Sales tax in POS by county issue

You can set the sales tax rate at the customer level. I have everyone of my customers assigned to a sales tax county or city.

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