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Sales tax return already exists for the selected dates

I'm hoping someone can help me fix a problem.

I must have accidentally created a GST/HST return for the incorrect dates, as I get "Sales tax return already exists for the dates selected dates" when I try to file my return. I CAN see the (incorrect) filed return when I look under "View prior sales tax returns". However, there is NO JOURNAL ENTRY for the incorrect return, so I can't delete it. How can I either correct the dates on the existing return, or delete it so I can start over.

Thank you for any help.

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Sales tax return already exists for the selected dates

Hi @brianm1962,


You'll be glad to know that you can easily start over from scratch with your filed returns. Once all filed returns are deleted/unfiled, you can edit the start and end dates of your first period TAX return.


Since this type of query requires sensitive information, it's best to contact our live support so we can perform all of these on the spot for you.


Go to this page to contact our live support: Contact Us


Drop me a comment for further questions.

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