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Sales tax won't update - won't save new tax rate


Sales tax won't update - won't save new tax rate

Hi, drsmogtest.


If you're using the old interface of Automated Sales Tax, this is an ongoing issue of QuickBooks. Our engineering team is still investigating this issue.


You'll want to call our phone support, so your name will be added to the list of affected users.

Here's how:

  1. Click the? Help tab, then click the Contact us button.
  2. Enter a brief description of your concern, then hit the Continue button.
  3. Choose either Get our phone number or Post a question.
  4. Fill out the necessary information.
  5. Continue with the prompts.

If you're using the new interface and then you click on the Save button. However, it won't allow you to confirm the changes. You'll want to check if it's a browser-related issue. This can also be the reason for a sudden browser behavior.


Here's how:

  1. You can use a private or incognito window since it will not record any browsing history.
  2. You'll want to clear your browser's cache. This will help your browser to start fresh.
  3. If the error still occurs, you can use a different browser. There are instances that a certain browser will not work.

Let me know how it goes on your end. I'll keep an eye out for your response.


Sales tax won't update - won't save new tax rate

Good day, drsmogtest.


I received an update from our development team that this issue has been resolved. You're now able to update your sales tax rate.


I'll be around if you need more help. Have a good day!

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