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Setting up tax codes in Mac 2019 desktop

HELP! I'm really second guessing my decision to go with Quickbooks for my updated computer. I cannot figure out where I set up the different tax codes to correctly bill my customers and pay my required taxes which I need split into categories such as farm use, resale, manufacturing, municipal, mining and non profit? The only category I see is resale. Does anyone know how to set this up? I've spent a week on and off looking and I'm frustrated. I've used quickbooks since 2011 and I cannot find where to fix this OR even get the information anywhere online or in discussions. Everything I find is either for desktop quickbooks and not Mac or Mac 2012. 

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Re: Setting up tax codes in Mac 2019 desktop

It's nice to see you here, @Somehowsomeway,


Thanks for getting in touch with us today. I can help you create sales tax items in QuickBooks for Mac.


To do that, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Lists, then select Items.
  2. Click the plus icon (+) at the bottom of the list.
  3. From the Type list, choose Sales Tax Item.
  4. Add a tax name and the description of the sales tax.
  5. Enter the tax rate. QuickBooks will assume that the added rate is a percentage. (Example: If you enter 7.25 QuickBooks take it as 7.25%)
  6. Select the tax agency to which you pay the tax.

You can now add the item on your invoices, cash sales receipts, and credit memos, to specify which sales tax applies to the taxable items.


If you're referring to a different setup, please let me know by clicking on the Reply button below. I appreciate your time today. All the best!

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Re: Setting up tax codes in Mac 2019 desktop

I did do what you suggested the other day but maybe I'm still not doing something correctly or I  should have been clearer; these are customers who are tax exempt not charged a tax rate. I can enter them as exempt tax at the bottom of the invoice, or receipt but I find that when they are broken down that they calculate the entire invoice amount not just the parts but also the labor that would be exempt. I don't know maybe I'm not doing the report correctly in this format. I used to do my sales tax report and it broke it up as to farm, resale, etc.... is there something I'm still missing? 

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Re: Setting up tax codes in Mac 2019 desktop

Welcome back to our forum, @Somehowsomeway,


Thanks for updating me and for sharing additional information on the thread. Let's make sure we get to the bottom of this issue.


Let's check your customer set up and see is the Customer is taxable/Tax Item check box is selected. QuickBooks automatically calculates sales tax for
each taxable item you sell to this customer if this preference is enabled.


To edit the customer in QuickBooks Mac, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Lists menu.
  2. Select Customer:Jobs or pick Customers.
  3. Choose Customer Center.
  4. Double-click the customer name or highlight the name of the customer then click the Edit button at the bottom of the list.
  5. If you do not charge sales tax to that customer, clear the Customer is taxable/Tax Item box.

That should correct your sales transaction this time. However, if the preference is disabled and the taxes still calculates for non-taxable items, I'd recommend checking the set up of your items. Attaching a screenshot on this post is also helpful for us to identify the cause of this unexpected behavior.


Please update me on how this goes or mention me again in the comments. I look forward to your response. Have a good day!

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Re: Setting up tax codes in Mac 2019 desktop

Thank you so much for your quick replies and help. I think I have everything set up as you suggested but I still have the problem of when I check my tax liability and want to fill out my sales tax form for the state it would be incorrect as it is calculating the entire invoice amount as exempt including the labor and other charges instead of only the parts and shipping that would be exempt. The older quickbooks let me set up tax codes that I could put in the tax column for items; obviously labor was a non tax but I could put in if a part or shipping was either municipal, mining, farm, non profit etc... now it only gives me a tax or no tax option and I cannot input a differing tax code to allow it to be broken up correctly. When I check my tax liability (unless I'm not doing a report correctly) it is not broken up. Maybe I just need to do my report differently? 

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Re: Setting up tax codes in Mac 2019 desktop

Hi there, @Somehowsomeway,


Thanks for keeping me updated with your tax codes concern and for trying the troubleshooting. I want to make sure this issue gets resolved.


The recommended steps should help you fix the incorrect tax calculation on your transactions. Since you're still getting the same issue, it's best to get in touch with our Mac Support Team.


There they can check your company file and help you verify what's causing this unexpected hitch. To contact us, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to this link:
  2. Select QuickBooks Mac Desktop.
  3. Click the Company File menu.
  4. Scroll down and hit the Get Phone Number button.

That should connect you to our live support agent. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to mention me anytime. I'll be glad to work with you.

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Re: Setting up tax codes in Mac 2019 desktop

Hi Jen, 

I tried contacting the number that you told me, however it is always a huge waiting time so I was wondering if you could answer me the question of how you run a tax liability report on sales tax that splits the codes up correctly? Maybe I am doing it incorrectly with the Mac 2019 version? The information that I spoke about in the question before this one is still the problem, the municipal, farm, etc calculates the entire invoice amount as non taxable along with the labor that is already non taxable which doesn't break up the items correctly to fill out the form for the state.

Also, when I did speak to a person for QB they steered me into getting rid of the Mac 2019 version and have me go with the online version instead, is that something you suggest too? 

QuickBooks Team

Re: Setting up tax codes in Mac 2019 desktop

Good day, @Somehowsomeway,


I appreciate you following the steps provided by my colleague @Anonymous so you can set up the sales tax.


I'm here to help ensure your Sales Tax Liability report shows the correct breakdown of your total sales and taxes.


When you create an invoice with taxable and non-taxable items, make sure the symbol T only shows under the taxable ones. This allows QuickBooks to exclude the exempt products/services from the total invoice amount.


To pull up the report, here are the steps you can follow to achieve this:

  1. Go to Reports.
  2. Select Vendors & Payables, then Sales Tax Liability.
  3. Check the dates shown in the From and To fields to select the specific period of time.

Please refer to this article for other troubleshooting steps if the issue still persists: How to resolve common sales tax issues.


If you have other related topics about QuickBooks for Mac, you can always visit this site. This includes guides and latest new about the software:


Keep in touch on how this goes by adding a comment in this thread. I'm always around whenever you have questions about the solution provided above.

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Re: Setting up tax codes in Mac 2019 desktop

I have done this numerous times, I don't know if I'm getting information from a different version of quickbooks than Mac 2019 because this does not separate the items as to farm use, resale, ICC, etc.  when I do a report. It calculates the sales tax correctly - however it does not break it down correctly in the report as to what is exactly exempt; it lumps the entire amount parts, shipping which is exempt along with the labor and other items that are not taxed. This is necessary for me to know when I fill out my sales tax for the state. If I have to keep track of this separately on my own then I am going back in time and it's a waste of paying the money I've spent to update to a less beneficial version.  I have used quickbooks since 2011 and this version does not separate like the other versions. Everything is set up in my items as to taxed or not taxed, the only items that are exempt are labeled with T and it still doesn't work. There is little to none information online or anywhere on how to fix this. Is there anyone who knows how to handle this for a Mac 2019 version or am I doing something wrong in reports with this version because what I've done in the past is not working? I'm so frustrated! I don't understand why I can't set up tax codes that separate these items correctly or as easily as the other versions? Please help!

QuickBooks Team

Re: Setting up tax codes in Mac 2019 desktop

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, @Somehowsomeway.


I'd like to check the setup of your sales tax on your account, which I'm not able to perform here in the Community for security reasons.


It would be best to get back in contact with your Technical Support Team. I know you've reached out to them already. However, they can do screen-sharing to help discover where the issue is coming from. 


Keep me posted on how the call goes. Thank you for your patience and understanding. I'll be watching for your response.

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Re: Setting up tax codes in Mac 2019 desktop

I'm having trouble setting up sales tax for Mac Desktop 2019. I set the tax item as you described, but the tax isn't added on the sales receipt even though the rate shows.

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Re: Setting up tax codes in Mac 2019 desktop

It's nice to see you here, @ADKArtisansonMain,


I appreciate you joining our conversation. I can get you to the right support to help you with your sales taxes in QUickBooks for Mac.


I checked my resources to see if we have ongoing issues about the sales tax calculation on your sales receipts, but found none. Since the sales tax feature is not working on your sales transactions, I recommend getting in touch with our QuickBooks for Mac Technical Support Team for further troubleshooting.


They have extra tools that will help you determine what caused this particular issue in QuickBooks. They can also perform a screen-sharing session with you, to trace where the issue is coming from and provide a fix. Here's how to contact us:

  1. Go to this link
  2. Choose QuickBooks Mac Desktop.
  3. Click Company File.
  4. Scroll down and click the Get Phone Number button.

 That should connect you to our live support agents, @ADKArtisansonMain.

That should get you connected with our live support agents. Please update me on how it goes by posting a comment below. I'd be glad to provide further assistance if you have any questions. Best regards!

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