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Simplified Home Office Deduction and internet bill (QB Self-Employed)

Hi, if I choose the Simplified Home Office Deduction, can I still deduct part of my home internet bill? So, what utilities do the Simplified Home Office Deduction cover (water, rent, electricity, mortage, etc) and which ones not (landline?) Thanks

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Simplified Home Office Deduction and internet bill (QB Self-Employed)

Hi @NuriaAnta. I'll share details about your deductions.


Home office deductions in the simplified method does not cover most of your home office utilities including rent, water, and electricity. And the internet bill for your home office is not listed as one of the deductible items.


Therefore, I recommend contacting the IRS and letting one of the specialists determine if the utility in question can be deductible claims or not. Use this link for the contact information: Internal Revenue Service Tax Compliance Link.


I'm also including this article to learn more about the other method to use for home office deductions in QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE): Track Home Office Deductions.


If there's anything else that I can help you with aside from working with your deductions in QBSE, please let me know using the Reply option below. I'll be here ready to lend a hand. Take care always!

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Simplified Home Office Deduction and internet bill (QB Self-Employed)



If you choose the simplified home office deduction, you cannot deduct actual expenses such as your home internet bill, electricity, etc.  The $5 per sq. ft. deduction includes everything.  If you want to deduct portions of your utility bills, you need to file your home office deduction using the regular method. 

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