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state 1099 filing

I am in MA and currently use QuickBooks Online. My state subscribes to the Combine Federal and State Filing (CF/SF) Program, but this is NOT supported in QBO.  However, CF/SF Program IS supported in QuickBooks Desktop. Does anyone know if Intuit plans to make this feature available in QBO in the future? (or provide us with the file they submit to the IRS, since that is the same file format that I need to provide to MA). It is a service I would gladly pay for, as I already used another software program this year in order to create the necessary file to upload to my state.

QuickBooks Team

state 1099 filing

I'd like to help with your question about filing 1099s on QBO, jenlh.


For now, we're unable to provide a confirmation when the Combine Federal and State Filing will become available in QuickBooks Online. Although, I can see that feedback and requests to get this feature have already been forwarded to our engineers.


Also, the form or information that we send to the IRS is the same that you can access or print in the Contractors tab. 


We'll keep you posted once we get an update from our engineers. You can also visit this site from time to time and keep updated of the latest features that are recently added in QBO:


Reach out to us again or add your follow-up questions as a reply below. The rest of the Community is always here to help you.

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state 1099 filing

Hi JenoP,


I am glad that this feedback has already been forwarded to your engineers. It is certainly a feature many of us need and would be willing to pay for. I hope it will be added soon!


You said that I can access the same file/format that you send to the IRS in the Contractors tab: unfortunately, I do not see anything in that tab besides "Prepare 1099s", "Add a contractor", and "Write a check". Am I missing something? I am using Google Chrome to access my QBO account. Would a different browser be preferable?


Thank you.

QuickBooks Team

state 1099 filing

Let me provide more explanation towards 1099 file format, @jenlh.


As provided by my colleague, you can locate the format of the 1099s form in the Contractors tab through Prepare 1099s option. I'll show you how to get there.


 Here's how:

  1. Go to the Workers menu and choose Contractors.
  2. Select Prepare 1099s and hit Let’s get started.
  3. Make sure your company name, address, and tax ID matches is correct and matches what is found on tax notices or letters from the IRS.
  4. Choose the boxes the represent the type of payments made to all of your contractors this year.
  5. Please make sure all of your contractors show up, and their details are correct. If missing any information, choose Add from Vendor list and select any additional 1099 contractors.
  6. Hit Next, then review the payments for each box. 
  7. Choose Finish preparing 1099s. Select Go to 1099 E-File Service to e-file your 1099s.


You can check out this article for more information: Print and Mail 1099s in QuickBooks Online.


Please post in the comment section below if you have a further question related to the 1099 form. I’m always here to help.


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state 1099 filing

I was under the impression, from JenoP, that I could access the file that was submitted to the IRS. I have already filed my 1099s, and I am able to view and print the PDF of them, but the PDFs are not what is accepted by the IRS. There is a very specific file type that the IRS accepts (which happens to be the same file format that my state requires as well). I thought JenoP implied that I was able to access/download the specific file type that is required for electronic submission to the IRS.


state 1099 filing

I'm happy to have you here, jenlh.


Your e-filed 1099 should contain the same information with what is in the PDF copy. Also, the form is not included when you print the report from QuickBooks.


To print the actual form, I suggest printing them directly from the 1099 E-file website.


You can login into your 1099 E-File Service account by visiting this link.


Check out this article for more insight about 1099 E-file Service: 1099 E-File Service FAQs.


For now, I want you to be updated with the latest product improvements in QuickBooks Online: QuickBooks Blog.


Let me know if you have any follow-ups or other questions. I'm always here to help. Wishing you a good one.

Level 1

state 1099 filing

Thank you, but I need the file in the format that was submitted to the IRS, and that file format can not be accessed either through QBO or the 1099 e-file website.


I hope the engineers will be able to resolve this issue and make that file available to customers soon!

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