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tax amount is not showing in invoice


kindly find attached file that photo shows: in the left side i customized invoice as per QB instructions but  see in right photo there is no tax amount , i tried many times but there is no amount show 

what i need exactly , to show tax amount in each line of product not the tax rate only i need to show the tax amount in each line. please help its very important for 

thanks for your cooperation and help 


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tax amount is not showing in invoice

I'll make sure to help you out on this, abdomunla.


Thank you for sharing screenshots and I also appreciate the steps you've performed. Let me provide additional details when importing a custom template in QuickBooks.


Yes, you have the option to map a template field. However, when you click on the drop-down in the QuickBooks Field column, there are indicators as to which part of the fields should that be when importing them in QBO. Let's say for example Total Tax, it should be in the invoice summary (Footer) part, not in the invoice line (Body) part. 


I understand the need for having the tax amount to show in your invoice, so I'm personally taking note of this suggestion and send it to our developers. This helps them in deciding on what features might be added in their future product updates.


Be sure to get back to me if there's anything else you need. I'd be happy to help you all the way.

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