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Tax-line mapping

I need to edit the list of "Tax-line mapping" selections.  I've tried the QB chat, once and was referred to the ProAdvisor hotline - from which I've now been disconnected twice.


I don't need advice as to which tax line to map to an account.  I need to edit the actual tax line mapping list.  There is no tax-line mapping to Schedule E, line 18a – Depreciation, and I need to add one.  Also, to match the Schedule E lines, Schedule E: Taxes should be split into Real Estate Taxes and Other Taxes, and  Schedule E: Insurance should be split into Mortgage Insurance and Other Insurance.


This is not a new issue in QB, as these have been mis-matched in all of the versions of QB that I have used.  However, if I can edit the list of tax-line mapping selections, than I can use the Income Tax Preparation report to actually prepare taxes.  As it stands right now, that report is pretty useless, since many of the lines don't match the actual IRS Schedules.


If anyone can tell me how I might edit the tax-line mapping list, I would be eternally grateful.

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Re: Tax-line mapping

The choices/selections in tax line mapping are not user editable


Tax line mapping was a good idea, then intuit dropped the ball, not all form entries are available, and desktop did not do the work to update tax line mapping to new changed IRS forms.  As a result the export to turbo tax causes more problems than it is worth

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Re: Tax-line mapping

Thanks for the response, Rustler.  That's what I'm finding.  It doesn't seem like it would take much to fix the issue.  Not sure why Intuit doesn't just add this to their Lists so that we could update it as we need to.