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Use tax vs. Sales Tax

I sell floor coverings which is considered real property, which therefore does not have a sales tax in my state.  I am considered the end user and pay the sales tax on the product on my purchase price.  I am looking for a good way to track use tax.  I also sell product uninstalled, which makes them the end user.  The accountant has a work around system set up, but it seems cumbersome every time I file my sales and use taxes.  If I pay the vendor the tax, then it is charged in their county or the county of pick-up which leaves supporting my county in the dust.  I can fully advertise support local by paying the use and sales tax myself.  Does anyone have ideas on how to track use tax without being a cumbersome system each quarter?

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Re: Use tax vs. Sales Tax

let's back up, you are overly confusing things with this end user stuff. What state are you in?

You are in retail, what you sell is subject to sales tax and you charge it to the customer. Some things are sales tax free and the state determines that, usually food, prescriptions, etc


Use tax is the sales tax you did not pay on a purchase that you should have. If you order from a vendor on the internet and they do not charge you state sales tax, then you are responsible for calculating, reporting and paying the sales tax you should have paid, that is called use tax.


If you take inventory out of stock to use in the store, then since you bought inventory without paying sales tax, you have to track use tax on teh cost of that inventory which you used for business or personal purposes.


QB does not track use tax, so it has to be done with a work around, without knowing how your accountant is doing it, no one can say right or wrong