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w2 & w3

I need to reprint forms W3 and W2 for 2017. How do I pull it back up? Also, I'm using Open Office since its free. Will it work with that program?


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QuickBooks Team

Re: w2 & w3

Hi sssllc,


QuickBooks saves the current forms in the program. You'll want to pull up a report in QuickBooks and download the form W2 for 2017 from the IRS website.


Here's how:

  1. Click Reports.
  2. Click Employees & Payroll.
  3. Click More Reports in Excel, then choose Tax Form Worksheets.
  4. An Excel file will open, click Enable Content at the top.
  5. Click the Annual W2/W3 radio button.
  6. Select Custom to change the year to 2017.
  7. Click Create Report.
  8. Go to and download the form.

Then, you can manually enter the information to the form.


You can also check out this article for your reference: How to reprint or replace employee W-2 forms.


If you have more questions about the form, please don't hesitate to leave a post.