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Will QuickBooks for Mac 2019 be able to export TFX files?

I find it unacceptable considering how much this software costs that I have never been able to convert my Quickbooks for Mac 2016 (or any earlier version) file into the TFX file that TurboTax requests so I don't have to spend hours manually inputing everything into TurboTax Home Business which I have been using for years.  It totally defeats the purpose of using the two softwares.  I would like to know when this functionality be available for us Mac users?  There are a more than just a few of us out here.  I feel discriminated against, like no-one at Intuit gives a hoot (and that's not really the word I wanted to use) about Mac users.  I think I/we deserve an explanation as to why this is an issue for us and not windows users.

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Will QuickBooks for Mac 2019 be able to export TFX files?

Hi there, stonehome01.


At this moment, there isn't a way to convert QuickBooks for Mac file into TFX file. Before importing QuickBooks for Mac data, it must be converted to Windows.


You mat want to check out this article to learn more about importing QuickBooks Data into Turbo Tax.


I can see how convenient this feature would be for your business. Since I want to make sure your suggestions gets to our product developers, allow me to personally submit a product enhancement request to hopefully gain this functionality in the future.


We'd also appreciate if you can send your own request through this link: QuickBooks for Mac Feedback.


Your product suggestions will be reviewed by our engineers. You can encourage other users to vote on your feedback as we often roll out updates to improve our users' experiences.


Please let me know if there's anything else I can help you with. I'm always here to further assist.

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