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Work around Quickbooks Filing Options Limitations

Currently california has 4 filing frequencies


  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Yearly
  • California Fiscal Yearly (Note this is different from the business Fiscal year)

As defined here :-


Quickbooks currently only supports
Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly


So the last option (California Fiscal Yearly) isn't listed -this means any business using the CA Fiscal Yearly can't use the Tax Center properly. 


Does anyone have good workarounds in place for this? Is there a way to get QBO to work with your 4th filing frequency? 

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Work around Quickbooks Filing Options Limitations

As of now, I'll share this feedback with our developers, BuzzLove.


I can see how this idea would help our customers especially, those states who have a Fiscal Yearly as one of their filing frequency. That said, our Development team will study this suggestion and may be added as one of QuickBooks Online new filing frequency.


I also have articles here about sales tax that you can check for more information:



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