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Wrong Federal Income Tax Withheld

Hi all, i am not sure if i am in the write place.

I am an EMPLOYEE at a company.
My paychecks come in via WORKFORCE.

I decided to dig in and do the calculations myself to see if everything is correct. This is under the new 2020 W4 System.

My withheld taxes are based on me being "MARRIED". I went to my employer, and double checked my Application form, and I specifically put in "SINGLE", my employer showed me my digital account on their intuit screen and i am put in as SINGLE as well. I am not sure why my taxes are withholding the amount for MARRIED.

Maybe i did my math wrong.
I have no dependants or allowances or deductions. Just One Job.
My paycheck is $1200 (Salary). for 26 pay periods that is $31,200.
According to the Table for 2020 W4 (Automated)
I should pay $3394.89 yearly or $130.57 (As Single)
What is happening is:
I am charged: $79.17 which is the amount to pay if i were filing as Married.

Any advice on my error would be much appreciated. 
I didn't want to go back to my employer accusing them of an error without some solid foundation to stand on.
Thank you.

PS: $79.17 is the EXACT tax withheld on my $1200 paycheck.

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QuickBooks Team

Wrong Federal Income Tax Withheld

I can provide details about how we calculate withholding taxes, @DMZ17.


Our tax calculation is derived from the payroll data your employer has entered in QuickBooks. We calculate the federal withholding based on these factors:


  • Taxable wages
  • Number of allowances/dependents
  • Pay frequency
  • Filing status

I suggest checking the Tax Withholding Estimator from the IRS or consulting an accountant to make sure that you have the right amount of tax withheld from your paycheck. 


Feel free to get back to us if you have other questions about withholding taxes. I'm always here to help.

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Wrong Federal Income Tax Withheld

Moved to new thread.  

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