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QuickBooks Time Mobile GPS troubleshooting

GPS is pulled from a combination of satellites, wifi, and cellular data. Remember that there are lot of factors that cannot be controlled (i.e., the device’s technical capabilities, weather patterns, atmosphere, etc.) and can make it difficult for a point to be pulled, or determine why a point may not be pulling. Use this article to help understand and troubleshoot possible GPS issues:

Check for the following on the mobile device if points are not pulling:

  • The device should have a clear view of the sky (surrounded by various obstacles - large buildings, trees, even a bag - can hinder low-strength signals).
  • The device should be a normal temperature (as with any piece of technology, overheating or freezing can affect functionality).
  • The device should have power (if the battery died or the phone is powered off, location tracking stops).
  • The team member should be signed into the app and on the clock (signing out of the app prevents us from communicating with it).
  • The device should not be in Power Saving Mode or any low battery setting.
  • The app should be open in the background (do not force close the app).
  • Both the device’s Operating System and the QuickBooks Time app should be up-to-date (out of date software or app could affect functionality).

The following are device specific troubleshooting steps for both iPhone and Android:


  • Turn the device off/on.
  • Turn GPS/Location services off/on and ensure location for QuickBooks Time is enabled:
    • Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Settings. Ensure Location Services at the top is toggled On. Toggle off and back on again to refresh.
    • Then, find the QuickBooks Time app in the list and set it to Always.
  • Ensure location settings are set to Precise Location:
    • Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Settings. Find and tap QuickBooks Time in the list.
    • Then, enable Precise Location.
  • Turn Airplane mode on then off again to reset all wireless radios:
    • Go to Settings > Toggle Airplane Mode On and then Off again.
  • Disable any battery saver settings or apps:
    • Go to Settings > Battery > ensure Low Power Mode is toggled off. If you have Battery saver apps, ensure the permissions are set to not include the QuickBooks Time app.


  • Turn the device off/on.
  • Ensure Location Services is enabled for the QuickBooks Time app:
    • Go to Settings > Apps > QuickBooks Time > Permissions > Toggle Location ON.
    • If it’s on, toggle it off and then back on to refresh Location Services.
  • Ensure location settings are set to high accuracy:
    • Go to Settings > Additional Settings > Privacy > Location > Set to High Accuracy.
  • Disable any battery saver settings or apps. This will vary depending on your device. Here are some common devices:
    • LG: Settings > battery & power saving > battery usage > ignore optimizations > turn ON for QuickBooks Time.
    • Motorola: Battery > select the menu in the upper right-hand corner > battery optimization > not optimized > all apps > select QuickBooks Time > don't optimize.
    • Samsung: Access battery settings > app power saving > details > QuickBooks Time > disabled.
    • Sony: Battery > from the menu in the upper right-hand corner > battery optimization > apps > QuickBooks Time.

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