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Set up your TSheets account in your QuickBooks Online Payroll

Learn how to set up TSheets with your QuickBooks Online Payroll account.

With QuickBooks Online Payroll Premium and Elite, your employees can track time with TSheets. With just a few quick setup steps in TSheets, you’re ensuring that time is tracked accurately by your team members so it can flow into QuickBooks for payroll.

Step 1: Launch your TSheets account

Go to the Time tab, and then Launch TSheets.

Information that you have set up in QuickBooks Online Payroll will automatically transfer to your TSheets account. There are only a few pieces of information you need to set up manually.

Not seeing this option? The Time tab only comes with the QuickBooks Online Payroll Premium and Elite accounts. You can either upgrade your Payroll account or set up a standalone TSheets account to integrate with your version of QuickBooks.

Step 2: Set up pay period and overtime settings

In the following steps, make sure what you enter in TSheets is the same as you entered on the QuickBooks side. Check what you set up in QuickBooks first, so your company settings can match.

Set up pay periods

  1. Go to Company settings.
  2. Select Payroll & Overtime then Pay Period.
  3. Select your pay period schedule and Save.

Set up overtime tracking

  1. Go to Company settings.
  2. Select Payroll & Overtime then Overtime.
  3. Make your selections and Save.
  4. If you need more detailed overtime policies, select Use Pay Rate Engine to configure more advanced overtime settings.

Step 3: Review payroll item and time mapping

Your payroll items from QuickBooks automatically map to the matching time type in TSheets. For example: an “overtime” payroll item will map to the “overtime” time type. It is important to double-check the automatic mapping and make adjustments as needed. This ensures time will transfer to payroll linked to the correct pay rates.

  1. In TSheets, select the QuickBooks Payroll menu, then Preferences.
  2. Under Other Options, select Payroll Item Mapping Tool.
  3. On the Map Employees tab, choose an employee's name.
  4. In each hour type column, select one payroll item. Selections are saved automatically.

Note : More detailed mapping options can be done by mapping payroll items to service items or class types.

Step 4: Adding your team and tracking time

Add new people to track time

When you add new employees or contractors to QuickBooks, they’re automatically added to TSheets. You can find them in My Team in TSheets. If you added someone in QuickBooks but don’t yet see them in TSheets, perform a manual import.

  1. In TSheets, select QuickBooks Payroll menu, then Import.

Add other tracking options into TSheets

You can add additional options for your team members to track time against like Service Items, Billable Items, or Classes.

  1. In TSheets, select QuickBooks Payroll menu, then Preferences.
  2. Make your selections:
    • Service Items: If selected, your employees will be required to select one of these from your QuickBooks Service Items list before they can clock out.
    • Billable yes/no choice: If selected, your employees will have the option to mark time as billable or not billable. Billable items can be used when invoicing in QuickBooks.
      • Require billable yes/no choice: If selected, your employees will be required to mark their time as billable or not.
    • Class: If selected, your employees will be required to select a class before they can clock out.W and S
  3. Selections are saved automatically. Depending on which options you select, those items will import automatically from QuickBooks to TSheets.

Track time in TSheets

That's it! Your TSheets account is all set up. There are many ways for you and your team members to track and manage their time with TSheets. Learn more about tracking and managing time in TSheets to find out what works best for your company.

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