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Add, assign, and publish jobs or shifts in TSheets Web

These features are available after you have installed the TSheets Schedule.


  • Only administrators, managers, and team members granted the "Manage schedules for their group" permission can create and assign shifts.
  • Team members can create shifts for themselves if they have been granted the "Manage schedule > Their own" permission.
  • It is not necessary to assign team members when creating a shift.
  • Draft shifts display in white. Published shifts display in their selected color.
  • Clicking Publish saves the shift and publishes it to the assigned team members' and their managers' calendars.
  • When a shift is added, changed, or deleted, all team members assigned to that shift are notified, and all of their calendars are updated.
  • Unassigned shifts display on your calendar (not team member calendars), in the top row, when you select Full and Day or Week.
  • A time off shift will appear in the schedule when a time off timesheet is created.
  • Total hours scheduled for a team member or job/customer can be seen in the far left column if, in View Settings, "Show hour totals" is selected.
  • Daily hour totals display in the column headings. Team member hour totals display in the far left column. These totals are only visible to admins and schedule managers.
  • On the calendar, dot colors indicate:
    • Green: On the clock
    • Orange: On a break

To access the schedule calendar, after installing the add-on, go to Schedule.

How To Add and Publish One Shift

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