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Find-a-Advisor Review guidelines

A Find-a-Advisor profile with positive reviews is an effective way to attract prospective clients. This article will help you understand the guidelines and moderation process for submitted reviews.

Before your client submits a review, it's important that they know these guidelines to prevent them from getting their reviews rejected. Share these review guidelines to your clients to help them successfully submit a review.

Any reviews containing the following items will be rejected:

  • Foul or discriminatory language
  • Defamatory reviews or any character attacks
  • Inclusion of specific pricing
  • Web links to other sites
  • Reviews from non-clients
  • Reviews from other Advisors
  • Personal information (for example, reviewer's name, phone number, or email address)

If we reject a review, we notify the reviewer by email (usually within 7-15 days) with the reasons why. They may resubmit the review with the necessary changes.

 Ensuring authentic reviews

To distinguish between authentic reviews and those that aren't, our system takes a number of factors into account. However, sometimes a genuine review can get rejected. There's no way to bring back a rejected review.

To prevent your clients' reviews from rejection, be mindful of the following guidelines when soliciting reviews from your clients:

  • Don't ask clients to write reviews on a shared computer.
    Reviews from shared computers may be rejected by our system. Encourage your clients to write reviews from their own homes or offices instead.
  • Don't submit reviews on behalf of your clients.
    If you want your profile to feature a review your client wrote on another site, in an email, or offline, ask your client to submit the review themselves. If it appears that you're writing a review, our system will reject it.
  • Don't provide pre-written reviews.
    Encourage your clients to write reviews using their own wording and language.

If your client is having trouble navigating the review feature, you can help by going over these steps with them.

Send your profile URL to clients

For a client to leave a review, they first need to have access to your profile on Find-a-Advisor. Make this as easy as possible by sending them your profile's URL:

  1. On the toolbar, select the Profile icon.
  2. From your Profile page, copy the entire URL listed in the Profile URL field.
  3. Email the link to your client.

Once your client receives the URL, they can access your profile directly and leave a review.

 Submit a review

Ask the client to follow these steps to submit their review of your performance.
Note: Don't submit a review for the client.

  1. On the Find-a-Advisor profile page, select Write a review.
  2. On the review page, select the appropriate number of stars to rate Responsiveness, Helpfulness, Expertise, and Professionalism. 1 star is the lowest rating and 5 stars is the highest. Overall ratings are calculated using the mean of the 4 individual ratings.
  3. In the Your Words Count section, enter a Title for your Review.
  4. From the Services dropdown, choose the appropriate service type.
  5. In the Tell us about your experience section, describe yourself, your service, your experience working with the Advisor, or the reason for the ratings. Note that this field has a minimum of 50 characters and a maximum of 2000 characters.
  6. In the Tell us about yourself section, choose the accounting software you use and the industry your business falls under, then enter your preferred screen nickname.
  7. Enter your email address. Email addresses remain private and are used only if we have to contact the reviewer.
  8. Select Submit.

Once your client submits the review, it goes through a moderation process. After its approval, it takes 2-3 business days for a review to post.

Once a review is approved and posted to your Advisor Profile, anyone can see it. You can reply to reviews if you feel it's necessary. Replies go through the same moderation process as reviews.

To respond to a review from QuickBooks Online Accountant:

  1. On the toolbar, select the Profile icon.
  2. On the Profile page, go to the review you want to respond to.
  3. Select Reply to review.
  4. In the Comment field, enter your response.
  5. Select Reply to post it.

Frequently Asked Questions

If it's been longer than 2-3 business days since a review was approved and you don't see it, the review was either rejected or the client posted it to a duplicate profile.

  • Rejected: When we reject a review, we notify the reviewer by email (usually within 7-15 days) to let them know what was wrong and how they can resubmit it.
  • Multiple profiles: If you have more than one Advisor Profile, make sure the review isn't on your other account. If the review appears on the incorrect Advisor Profile, contact us to have the review moved to the correct profile.

Negative reviews aren't necessarily in violation of our review guidelines. We won't remove a review as long as it remains focused on the service or experience delivered.

If you feel a review is fraudulent or fails to meet our guidelines, contact support with the following information:

  • Full Name (as it appears on the Advisor Profile)
  • Email address linked to the Advisor Profile
  • The Postal Postal code used in the Advisor Profile
  • The URL for the Advisor's public profile
  • The exact text of the review in question
  • Why you suspect the rating doesn't meet our guidelines

We'll investigate the issue internally. If we determine that the rating doesn't meet our guidelines, we'll either remove it or moderate the rating as necessary.

Note: We don't provide information about persons who submit reviews and ratings.

Reviews that existed before the change, remain. Your old Overall Rating will be incorporated into your average Overall Rating as a Advisor.

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