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Add and review tasks for your team in QuickBooks Online Advanced

by Intuit Updated 1 month ago

Learn how to create and review tasks in QuickBooks Online Advanced.

In QuickBooks Online Advanced, you can add tasks so your team always knows what work needs to get done and when. Some features, like invoice approval workflows, automatically create and assign tasks. You can create custom tasks for anything, even related work outside of QuickBooks.

Review open tasks

All tasks appear in the Task menu so your team can manage everything in one place. Each time a feature or workflow creates a task, it shows up here. Or if a team member creates an invoice that needs approval, QuickBooks adds a note for the reviewer in the Task menu.

To review open tasks, go to the Tasks menu. You'll see what needs to be done and who owns each task.

  • For invoice approval tasks, the reviewer can select the invoice to get more details. Then select Approve or Reject.
    Note: To reject the invoice, select the Actions column ▼ dropdown, then select Reject.
  • For custom tasks, the task owner just needs to follow whatever steps you put in the note. When they finish the task, select Mark as completed.

Tip: If you'd like to see all your open, due today, overdue, upcoming, and completed tasks, you can select the options above the list. Use the Filters to create a custom view for your tasks by combining all sorts of criteria, like its due date, tasks related to, and who it's assigned to.

Create a custom task

Create tasks for anything: reminders to call a customer or notes to help your team follow up with a sale.

  1. Go to the Tasks menu.
  2. Select + Add task.
  3. Enter the Task name and set the Due date.
  4. In the Assign to ▼ dropdown, select the task owner.
    Note: The user needs to have admin access.
  5. (Optional) If you’d like the task to repeat, turn on Recurring task. You can set the task to repeat on certain days of the week, month, or year. Select the option that works best for you.
  6. In the Notes field, enter a description. These are the instructions for the task.
  7. Select Upload document, to upload a file.
    Note: Documents uploaded here are visible to all users of your company. Or, select Select document to fetch files that are already in QuickBooks.
  8. Select Save.
    Tip: To change/delete a recurring task, select Edit recurring task or Delete recurring task from the Actions column ▼ dropdown.

After you create the task, QuickBooks emails a notification to the task owner.

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