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Get started and adjust settings after you sign up for QuickBooks Online

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Welcome to QuickBooks Online! When you first sign in to your QuickBooks Online account, you'll be directed to the homepage dashboard. Your dashboard displays an overview of your company, giving you a quick business update (like the status of your income and expenses, your bank accounts, and more).

Note: If you're a new user, this content will be empty. But once you enter transactions, the dashboard updates, displaying a real-time overview of your company finances.

Get to know your Home Dashboard

The QuickBooks dashboard includes two different tabs: Get things done and Business overview. These tabs focus on your main reasons for using QuickBooks Online to help speed up the work. We’ve sorted critical actions such as set up, get things done, and explore how my business is doing, into different pages to help minimise information overload and make set up a breeze.

Get things done

Create an invoice, review banking transactions or record a bill on the fly with Get things done tab. This tab allows you to quickly set up customers, review banking and expenses, and check on your payroll health.

Business overview

Truly own your business and gain massive insights at a glance with the Business overview tab. With this tab you can track your business’ profitability with profit and loss, expenses, invoices and sales widgets, and see all your connected bank account balances in one place.

Note: The dashboard view may vary from one user at a company to another. QuickBooks Online determines what information it displays by each user’s access rights.

There are two ways to start your QuickBooks setup:

Option 1: Go through the list of company settings and set them at once

  1. Go to Settings ⚙ and choose Account and Settings.
  2. Navigate using the sections on the left menu and edit as necessary.

Option 2: Configure settings as you work

When it's your first time creating a report, a setup interview window will open for you. Each setup interview has simple, straightforward questions about what you’re looking to do and how you’re planning to use the function you're using at that time.

When you answer these questions, you automatically configure your settings. You can answer some or all of the interview questions right away, or you can select Cancel. If you cancel, the next time you sign in to QuickBooks and create a report, the setup interview opens at the point where you left off.

If you want to change a setting, you can always go back to Settings ⚙ and choose Account and Settings.

Users include the Primary Administrator and any other users the administrator has added. These users count toward your current user limit.

You must be a Primary Administrator or a Company Administrator to add, delete, or change a user's access. To manage users, select Settings ⚙, then Manage Users.

QuickBooks Online allows you to change your own name, address, phone number, email address, and user ID. If you have the appropriate access, you can change another user's name, email address, and access rights.

To change your own contact and sign-in information:

  1. Go to Settings ⚙ and choose Account and Settings.
  2. Go to the Company section, then select Edit ✏️ under Contact info.
  3. Edit the information as necessary.
  4. Select Done.

To change contact and sign-in information for another user:

  1. Select Settings ⚙️, then Manage users.
  2. Select the user that you want to change then Edit.
  3. Update the information as necessary.
  4. Select Save.
Note: You must have the appropriate permissions to change another user’s information.

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