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Use reports to see your sales and stock status in QuickBooks Online

by Intuit Updated 2 months ago

Learn how to see your best sellers, what’s on hand, the cost of goods, and more.

Use reports to get helpful insights on the things you buy and sell, and the status of your stock. We’ll show you which reports to run depending on what kind of info you want to see.

To get started, go to Reports, then select Standard. Once you're there, here's what you can do.

Note: If you want to better understand reports, find out more about First in, First out (FIFO) and how QuickBooks uses it track your stock.

See your best sellers

Go to the “Sales and customers” group of reports. Then run these reports to see your sales by products and services:

  • Sales by Product/Service Summary: Your total sales for each product and service.
  • Sales by Product/Service Detail: Your sale transactions by product or service.

Check what’s in stock

Go to the “Sales and customers” group of reports. Run these reports to know what’s on hand, so you always have what your customers want:

  • Stock Valuation Summary: The quantity on hand, value, and average cost for each product.
  • Stock Valuation Detail: Your transactions for each stock item, and how they affect quantity on hand, value, and cost.
  • Stock Take Worksheet: Your stock items with space to enter your physical count, so you can compare to the quantity on hand in QuickBooks.

Check what’s still on order

Go to the “Expenses and suppliers” group of reports. Then run the Open Purchase Order Detail report.

This shows you how many items are still on order and how many you’ve received so far.

How to check what’s in stock and what’s on order as you work

You can also check what’s on hand and what’s still on order as you work. Just hover your pointer over the quantity you entered on any transaction.

If you entered reorder points, QuickBooks will also alert you if a product is running low.

Customise your reports

You can tailor each report to the info you need the most. Go to the top of any report to change the report date, grouping of info, and more. To see all changes you can make, select Customise.

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